Friday, January 13, 2012

Fashion and Makeup Haul

It's been quite a while since I've really posted a haul, so I collected some of the stuff I bought and made pics of them.

My most recent buys: A red skinny jeans(!!!) and a black sweater with cute buttons on the sleeves.
I was so excited when at work (Takko) we finally got RED skinny jeans in grownup sizes! We had them before, on the teenager department, but even though the tops and such fits me easily, I just have a way too rounded ass to fit into teenage skinny jeans. Even when they normally fit a grownup.
Anyway, this skinny fits me like a glove, without it being uncomfortable, and it only cost me 16 euro, SCORE!

Black combatboots from the local army dumpstore. My old ones were 8 years old, repaired on the inside for the heels. You know, the part that loses its leather after wearing them for a couple of years? My repairguy put in some new leather on the inside of the heels which made them wearable again.(for only 4 euro!) But, unfortunately, the bottom of the heel got too thin aswell, and in the end, I was walking on a nail. So I decided it was time for new ones! I had to order them, because most dumpstores don't carry all sizes, let alone my size. I have a 325 S, which is a 37,5 (europeon size), Small width. They are soooooooo deepblack and shiny! Hopefully I can keep them this black, necause my old ones were really worn out.
I used to wear these to festivals and such only, because they had gotten uncomfortable, but now I'll start wearing them again when I have to walk a lot, I love the way they still work for me with a short skirt. :)

A satin pencilskirt by I love 50's/vintage style clothing or something inspired by it. So it's not that strange that I love this skirt. It's a satin skirt, with little black buttons on the front to the side, and ends in a little split on the knee. Cuteness overload!

Black tight lace skirt by H&M. I was going to make one myself after searching for one for quite a while and having some leftover from the pimping of my new years dress. But then I found this one for just a couple of euros and decided to take it with me. I'll make one myself anyway, but might make it a bit different now...or's different lace anyway.
And a black tight skirt with a nice wavy pattern on the fabric from Coolcat. I wore this one on the second day of christmas.
 Black knitted longshirt/dress by Takko. I thought immediately of all the (open) knitted shirts I had when I was a teenager. I loved those so I really wanted to have this one. It's not normally knitted, but you can see through it. So I can wear a different colour beneath it! :)

Sid's eye fell on this cardigan, because of the collar. He likes these on me, and I have to say that I really like this cardigan aswell. I didn't have a black one with a fluffy colour yet, so *yeay*.

 A grey/black striped basic longshirt/dress from H&M. It was only a couple of euros and these are great in summer or just with a long cardigan in winter. Sorry for the blurry pic, I didn't notice it untill I was writing the blog.

A black blazer with a detachable hoodie by Takko. This one is from the teenager department again. It's a bit too big, but I'll take it in. It was on sale and I really wanted it. Since the biggest size was the last one left, I didn't really have a choice :)

Hold ups from the Kruidvat Outlet Store, for 2 or 3 euros, don't remember correctly anymore. The holdup part has black hearts in it and 2 red bows on top of it. Cute!

Some makeup stuffies I bought. Mostly LE's by Catrice and Essence. Some Catrice mono eyshadows, a 2True glitter eyeliner and a Manhattan lipgloss and eyeshadow.

I also bougth cupcakemix and cupcake holders at Cupcake & Co, where I got to taste a little cupcake that was baked inside an icecreamcookiecup. *yum* Also a great idea to try out sometime :)


  1. I have the same cardigan! It's so comfy. <3

  2. niceeee haul :D you bought a lot!! loving the shoes the most :D

    1. It's from the last 2,5 months orso ;)

  3. I love the boots! This is exactly what I'm looking for!!

    1. I'm not sure if every country sells them. But maybe you can search online for some Army Dump Stores?