Thursday, January 5, 2012

EOTD: First look with Sugarpill's Asylum

I finally finally FINALLY have Sugarpills Asylum, the only chromalust left, that I didn't have. So now, my collection is complete!'*does a little happy dance*

I used NYX jumbopencil Black Bean, as a base. I always have to look out with this one, because it can crease if I don't blend it out enough. But if I blend it out too much, it won't be sticky enough.

I used Sugarpill's Asylum, which is a beautifull red, on my whole eyelid. In the jar it looks a bit of a rustyred but over Black Bean it's a pretty bright firetruck red.

Above the crease, in the outer V and below my eyes, I used Fyrrinae's Fyre and Ice. It's a black with beautifull glitter in it. Ofcourse, my cam didn't really picture those.
I lined the top of my eyes with a black gelliner by Essence.

 I applied some Every Day Minerals Plum Dust on my cheeks, a bit too much for my taste, but people actually liked that and commented on it during the night. Hmmm okaaayyyy.

On my lips, I applied NYX lipstick Hebe, which to me matched perfectly with Asylum.

I tried to capture the real red colour of my hair on cam, but no matter what I do, it always turns out darker. It really is a much brighter red now, with the right lighting. Indoors it looks more toned down.

This is my normal face:

I got a lot of compliments on this makeup that day, (it did look better in real life) when I actually wasn't that thrilled about it myself. I love the red though, especially Asylum, but it might have looked better if I used a bit of foundation to give my skin a bit more colour. The contrast between the makeup and my skintone is pretty high here.
*shrug, oh well, you live and learn.


  1. Asylum is probably my favorite of all those colors, mostly because I've been lacking a good RED shadow for a long time. Looks good on you!

  2. Good grief, hot stuff, Asylum looks amazing on you!

  3. Thanx all, yes, Asylum is a gorgeous red, and Im really happy to finally own it :))

  4. wauw ik heb asylum nodig in mijn leventje gewooon ....waaaaauwww <3