Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorry for being absent...

I've just been so busy, that I just didn't have the time and energy to blog.
This month, it's always really busy in our store, with 3 different flyers following one after another, season sale, and every day new discounts roll out of our registry and have to be counted and priced.
On top of that, this month, the busiest of the year, we have t do a stockcount. Which means we have to count every single thing in our store and our stock.  That's a lot of work, especially if you do this when the store is open and also on the first day when the christmasflyer is out. Not the best idea there ever was...I'm already dreading the day...
Anyhow, this takes a lot of preparation. Every single thing needs to have the right scannumber, and those can get lost a lot. And then you have to find the same item in the same size and same colour, or the number won't be the same. OR you have to call other stores to see if they have the item and can give you the number for it. Also everything has to be organized into countable sizes of 40 to 50 items. Otherwise, you'll have to recount a lot, which takes up wayyyy to much time.
Next week we will be counting the entire store...not just ours, but a second one aswell. So...busy busy busy.

On top of that...last tuesdaynight.....that annoying molar I wrote about earlier, had another boo boo. *sigh*
I had been dreading that for 2,5 weeks, and was not looking forward to dec 22th when they would slim it down so they could make the crown for it. I was certain that it would break along the way somewhere between christmas and new year..also..I wouldn't be able to eat everything I wanted. I didn't even make it that far, because on tuesday, it broke..again...

I got to go to the dentist the day after, thankfully. So yesterday, I went to my dentist and at first she didn't see it. It was a tear in the side of my molar with a hole at the bottom, but it was located exactly in the middle of my molar, and because molars aren't entirely smooth, it kinda looked like a shadow. Untill you moved something along for was really really sharp. The little gap, was a piece of the fake corner and a piece of my molar missing.
So the dentist wasn't too happy about the fact that her cut&paste fix hadnt worked out for me, so she decided to take on an entirely different approach. She took out the complete cut&paste she did previously AND the entire filling. Then she worked on my molar for over half an hour...don't ask me how many tools she used, because there were a LOT. I had to bite on something a couple of times, to make sure my molárs fitted into eachother, which took quite some work. She did an excellent job, and now, you cant even tell there ever was a filling, its just a pretty white little molar now. Seems a bit smaller though, but that's ofcourse because that one broken corner is a bit smaller now. I can eat anything I want now, without having to worry another breakinline or a piece coming off. This stuff is practically unbreakable, according to her. I'm REALLY happy about that. She's also going to give me a discount, because the previous work was supposed to have worked for me, and she didnt want me to have to pay twice for the same problem: awesome!

I went out the door feeling very much relieved and also..with a super headache of all the metal and clamps and stuff that had been in and around my molar and jaw and mouth. Yeah, she used some very weird contraptions on me..doesnt that sound kinky? ;)
I decided to chek the Kruidvat for the new Essence  LE circus, and YEAY, got to treat myself on some of the products of that collection...and some Ferrero chcocolates! ;)'

Weird fact: my motherinlaw had to go in for an emergency visit aswell, at the same dentist..she was there at 3 and I came in 40 mins later. We totally missed eachother, but found out at dinner that we were both there.

I'll try and update more again, but if I'm not, please know that I do what I can!


  1. *shudders at the dentist story* Gives me the heebie jeebies! But I'm happy it's fixed now and not giving you any more problems :)

    Sounds like you've been super busy!