Thursday, December 22, 2011

Serious Request: This one's for Mama +Giveaway Winner

Every year, the chrsitmas feeling starts for me, when Serious Request had its kick off. There's nothing so freakily addictive, then listening to or watching Serious Request.
Serious Request has been raising money for the 'silent disasters' around the world.
I've been follwing them for years, and trying to do my little bit aswell.

Three DJ's from 3fm will be sitting in a Glass House from dec 18th untill dec 24th, without any food. They get speciallymade smoothies and stuff, but they will not have any food or, for the ones who smoke, no smokes either.
All the while, they are filmed and broadcasted live on radio and tv, and people will be showing up, looking at them and bringing money.

This year it's about This one's for Mama', which is for the mothers around the world who are on ther own because of war and conflicts. Because of violence, they sometimes loose their husbands, loose their house, have to flee their homes, or lost their harvests. Because of this, they can tend up without any food, water or healthcare. The Red Cross helps them with their primary needs: shelter, food, water, healthcare, soap, etc. They also help them with getting an income and finding their relatives.

A mother is the silent force of a family, but she can't make it on her own in a war. And her children won't make it without her. Help a mother, save a family.

As usual, their are lots of ways to donate money. You can order at their webshop, bid on lots of unique items,  
request a song, collect sodabottles for the deposit, or participate in lots of other activities. You can even organize you're own unique way of raising money for them.

Here are some other things you can do, to donate money:
-Attiude Holland, only 1 euro, every euro counts
-order a survivalkit for the families, a week of food is only 15 euros, a month 55 euros. Foof for a baby 25 euros. Water for just 5 euros, or for 800 euro, 50 families will have their own watersource. Temporary shelter for only 10 euros and so on and on.
-buy awesome thsirts for 15 or 20 euros
-buy a serious request keychain for only 3 euros
and the list goes on and on....

I bought another shirt this year, and a keychain, so thats another 23 euro, going to the Mothers in need.

I love watching the DJ's in their Glass House, going totally crazy on certain songs, like 'hello'last year, which is still a song for me with great memories because of it. This year's 'Bouncer' is already afavourite of mine, when before SR11 I didn't even like it, hehehe.
It's so awesome to see people everyday, who bring their own money to help others, even when said people dont have a lot themselves. Especially little kids who raised money or bring their own allowance is really inspiring to see.
Just remember, that even 1 euro can make a difference, because everytime 5 people will donate just ONE euro, a whole family will have water, or for just ONE euro, TWO people can be vaccinated against serious diseases.

remember: Save a mother, save a family!


The Giveaway Winner is Kaylani !  
Make sure you get me your adress as fast as possible!

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