Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Born Pretty Store's Christmas Nail Art

At the beginning of this month, I was asked if I wanted to review something for Born Pretty Store. I chose the Christmas Nail Art Stickers, which are actually water decals, because I thought it would be fun to try out for the upcoming holidays.

I got 2 different kinds and this is a blog about one of those sets:

You can find them HERE , there's also a little video on how to use them! They only cost 4,73 dollar. For that price you get ALL of the above.

Products I used for this mani:

(You need to place the stickers in the water, before you can remove the back of them. After theat you can put them straight onto your nails)

I painted every other nail with China Glaze's Cheers to You, the other remaining nails, I painted with China Glaze's Midnight Kiss. I did not use the flash on my cam, because these nailpolishes tend to reflect and that way you can't see the nailart. Which would take away the point, lol

Then I took the stickers, and cut each one that I wanted to use, out with scissors. I placed it in water, so I could get the sticker of the paper. Then I placed the sticker on the nail, and finally put a clear top coat over it.

The whole process is supereasy and I have to say, it looks really good. Especially if you like nail art, but can't really paint pretty pictures that small yourself, this is the solution for you! Or if you have a lazy day and want a quick intersting looking mani. Or if you're like me and want symmetrical hands, and get annoyed when you cant paint aswell with yout lefthand as with your righthdn ;)

I haven't used water decals before, and I really want to get myself more, they are so detailed!

I also received this:
All of the single stamp plates are on sale, only $1.55 !  33% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on the coming holiday, 10 days only!


  1. oooh! They are very cool - I like! :D

    Are they very fiddly to get off the backing paper and onto your nails without them ripping or wrinkling?

  2. @sarah, nope, not at all! I used a pincet and they didn't fold into each other or rinkle or anything like that. Like I said, Ive never used water decals before, and look at the result! I didnt redo any nail, this is my very first try. :)