Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Freya the kitten today ( & Loki's torture)

Or well...actually the day before yesterday...but you know what I mean :P.

Freya is about 7,5 months old now, her belly healed perfectly..no more weird bump on it, and the incision looks like it was never there. Took some time to get the scab off the last part where she tore her stitches near the end, but it all worked out and looks perfect now.

This is in ther fortress, a little hang thiny at the bottom. She loves sleeping curled up or just lounging in there.
She's getting quite big now. We sometimes still think she looks like a small kitten, untill we see her next to one of the other two, and remember those two are pretty huge.
I wonder how big she'll get...

 Yup, the bitch is back! hahaha, Freya always looks very...annoyed..

Ofcourse you can't take pics of one cat, without the other ones noticing and wanting to claim the attention.
Odin rolling on the stairs, which he shouldn't do, because he tends to fall off....hard.

Loki, on top of the fort, putting his paw on my shoulder to grab my attention...litterally.

Here's a little video of Freya getting dizzy...she does this for a few times, and then can't walk straight anymore...hahaha.

And...we kinda tortured Loki a bit a while back. He was annoying Freya when she still had her cone of shame, so we decided to give him something else to do. He did NOT like it.

Apparantly, with a shirt on, you can't walk...or do anything a normal cat does...

I still have to laugh every time I see these pics, lol!


  1. LMAO aw the kitty in the shirt! And I loooove their names :D

  2. OMG the kitty in the shirt is adorable!


  3. Love the names of your kitties! Freya has such beautiful markings. So funny that she always looks grumpy, its just like my male cat Taz, even when he's purring he looks grumpy!