Wednesday, December 14, 2011

EOTD: Sweet 50s look turned glam

Another look with the Oh So Special palette? Yes! This is such a great palette that I reach for it a lot. Especially when I want to do a simple eyelook.

This look was the one I did, when I got to meet Wendy for the first time. We had a great time!

I used a very light colour on the moving eyelid, something I never really did before. Then I added a darker colour above the crease and some extra dark into the crease.

It's a really simple look, but it gives just enough colour to give it that bit extra to your face.

Then I added a winged eyeliner and some black eyeliner below the eye. Together with the headband with the polkadots and the pink lipstick, it really gave me that 50's vibe.

It was a bit TOO sweet for my taste though, and I didn't really like the colour of the lipstick with the colours I used on my eyes.

What to do??

Change the lipstick ofcourse!
Yeah, bold red lips is much more my thing. The gold glitter on this one makes it extra special. This one if from the Limited Edition collection by Catrice thats in stores right now.


  1. That is such a nice palette, I'm still so bummed that I dropped it and broke the mirror :( Luckily I still have the pretty eye shadows! Love the red lips :)

  2. @Makeup Zombie, thank you! I adore red lips, I have so many diff types of red in my stash, its crazy, haha.

    @Dalaluz, I have to say that Ive never used the mirrors on the sleek palettes. When they came out with this palette, I thought I would never use it. But I'm SO glad I bought it anyway! :)