Friday, December 16, 2011

EOTD: I've got the Sugarpill Blues

I've said it before, when I don't feel good, I tend to compensate that sometimes with extra colourfull makeup and/or clothing. Since I've been sneezing and coughing since fridaynight, I kinda needed a pick me up on sunday. It didn't really work though, but at least I got to ignore my sickness untill the stocktake last wednesday. After that, I finally allowed myself to fall apart. So I'm sick at home now. It's a severe cold, or might be turning into a flu. Let's hope not! Anyway, out stocktake was excellent, so it was all worth it!

On with the makeup goodness!

This makeup was inspired by the dress I was wearing, which was a tich dark blue one with a black/turquoise leopard print. If I wasn't sneezing half the way through this EOTD, I might have done some false lashes and some leopardprint on the eyes...but oh well. I still like the outcome!


On my moving eyelid, I applied Lumi. Lumi is such an awesome eyeshadow, it's white, with a blue glow, and changes when it catches the light.
In and above the crease, I applied Royal Sugar. This is an amazing blue with awesome sparkles. It's also one of the few Sugarpill eyeshadows I have a bit of trouble with. It doesn't blend quite as easily and tends to be wiped off, and loose the sparkle. Still, I think it looked pretty good.

 Above my lashes, I applied a thin line of black eyeliner, because I don't have a lot of lashes, this still gives that illusion of them a bit.
Below my eyes, I applied some Gosh velvet touh eyeliner and on top of it I applied Sugarpills Starling. I really love this turquoise/blue and I think it combines great with Lumi.

On the LOTD pics, I only had some Gosh Soft n shine Scarlet on my lips. When you've been sneezing your ass off, you tend to get a sensitive skin. So I haven't applied any blush or concealer or anything.

I wore black knitted leggings, black overknee highheeled boots, the leopardprint dress, and a black knitted long cardigan. Also turquoise/silver feather earrings, which matched the dress close enough.

I think I sneezed in between these two, hahaha. I look like crap!
I dont use a lot of blue, but this is definately one of my favourite EOTDs with so much blue. :)


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  1. Love the blue shadow looks amazing with your skin tone!

  2. SO MUCH SPARKLE!! I love this. So pretty! <3

  3. Dat blauw staat je goed!
    Mooi product en mooie oogtechniek!
    Alleen vind ik, persoonlijk, je wenkbrauwen te hard/overheersend.

    Oh en als je ziekjes bent doet een beetje blush wonderen :D