Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Outfits and Makeup

It's a tradition at Sid's parents house, to eat breakfast in the middle of the night on christmas eve. Nowadays, it's getting harder to keep up that tradition with 2 12 yr olds, 2 small children, and people who've been working all day and are tired. But we always try, so this year, we brought some yummy christmas cupcakes to go with the coffee/tea in the evening.
I normally wear a more appropriate christmas outfit, but we had been away from home all day, and be honest...the Tshirt im wearing is pretty christmassy to -me-.

This is actually the way I went to work the day before, to work in the evienng, but hey, I forgot to make pics and I didnt look that different, only had ponytails instead of the loose hair. :P

On the first day of christmas, I wore a green/black corset dress. It was a bit too wide below the buste, but I thought that might come in handy with the whole christmas dinner and such, so I decided against taking it in.
I also wore black knitted legging, black knitted bolero, black ankleboots, my Poison Ivy Alchemy necklace and a hairpiece that once was a hairband.

Sid was dressed in a silvergrey satinshirt and tuxedopants. He later on changed into a thsirt when we were preparing dinner. I bought Merlijn a new shirt and vest and the hat that looks adorable on him :)

For my makeup, I used a combnation of Evil Shades, Gosh, Mac and Barry M.

Unfortunately, the flsh of my cam reduced the sparkle and the depth of the colour. Sorry, didn't have a lot of times to make pics.

With just a bit of Wild Rose by Catrice on my cheeks, and Chanel's Fatale on my lips.

Us, while we were preparing dinner:

On the second day of christmas, we were running a bit late, so I forgot to make pics again. I made these makeup pics late at night, after we got home again, to give a little impression of what the makeup looked like.

I mostly used Sugarpill, Gosh, MAC and Evil Shades for this one.

Even though I forgot to make pics, Paula, one of my lexlings, took some pics of us. Yeay! I don't really have a good outfit pic though. I wore black knitted legging and the same shoes as the day before. I wore a tight black skirt with a pattern on it, a black tight bodystocking, and a beautifull black top(the one I bought from my bday money ).

I have lots of other christmas pics, but let's not make this a picturespam ;)

How was your christmas?


  1. leuke make-up! haha jullie lijken wel een beetje een rockersfamilie is het niet?
    nou alvast een gelukkig nieuwjaar en ik hoop op nog meer mooie EOTD's.

  2. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your dress!!!!
    were you buying?

  3. @Linda, rockfamilie? hmmm eerder een metalfamilie, aangezien zelfs mn schoonmoeder meegaat naar festivals ;) Maar ik zie ons eigenlijk als vrij normale mensen.

    @AnaDeadMystic, if i remember correctly, its from the brand Living Dead Souls.

  4. Leuk jurkje! En leuke hoed van Merlijn :)

  5. LOVE the dress! Honestly I always love your outfits and makeup, it's about time I actually commented xD

  6. @DalaLuz thanx! ik hoopte al dat hij hem op zou zetten, en hij deed hem helemaal niet meer af :)

    @eRIN, aww thank you! Im a big lurker myself, so it's great to see a lurker taking the time to comment! :)

  7. Oh good gods that dress is gorgeous, really flatters you! Who is it by? I just love the fact there are skulls in the print, but it looks like its a floral pattern.

  8. I am dying from gorgeous-ness. That dress is TO DIE for and you look amazing in it.

  9. @Makeup Zombie, aww thank you! I bet you'd look just as awesome in it ;)

  10. @Sakara, it's by Living Dead Souls, I believe, they have all kinds of awesome dresses. Thats the exact reason why I love it so much: it looks just like a pattern, untill you take a closer look. That, and the fact that it's green! :)