Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here it is again, another year gone by, while it feels like it has just begun.


It's been another year filled with wonderfull and sad things...

-I got a very nice gift from someone who knew I loved something on Etsy and knew I couldn't buy it because I dont own a creditcard. You know who you are, you are awesome!
-I finally got to go to Bodyworlds, the exhibition of reallife bodies. It was a terrible rainy day, and all of the public transport was down in Rotterdam, but we still had fun.
-Last time I brought back Skullcandy headphones and demanded (and got) my moneyback. 3 different ones broken within 2 years was enough.
-I finally got my Chanel Rouge Noir lipstick.
-I participated in a Dare for the first time.
-We went to dinner with the girls from work and had loads of fun.
-I quit my job at Lush after 3,5 years.
-We went to Paganfest, Elf Fantasy Fair, Castlefest, Efteling, Artis, Whiskeytastingevent.
-I went to the Enchantra showroom for the first time.(and the second time and the third, and...)
-My parents were married for 35 years and we celebrated.
-Our beloved cat Greebo died unexpectedly :'(
-The mother of our other cats had another nest of kittens
-We took in another kitten, Freya became a part of our little family.
-My parents neighbour, who I have known for 24 years, died at age 90.
-I missed my mothers birthday because Sid was sick.
-Sid needed our insurances: he broke his phone and a laptop.
-I won shoes and a camera online, I also won a Dare.
-We had our leather wedding anniversary, 3 years.
-We got a new addition to the family: Maaike.
-I turned the big 3-0.
-Merlijn went to highschool for the first time.
-Sid and I had our 8 year anniversary.
-I broke a molar, and broke it again 2 weeks after. *sigh*

I do hope my beloved's health will improve in 2012, because 2011 was a pretty bad year for him. So let's hope the best days of 2011, will be the worst of 2012!

I wish my family all the best in the new year, and hopefully, we will see eachother a bit more.
Mom, Dad, I love you to death, and even though we don't get to see eachother much, it doesn't mean I don't think about you. You mean the world to me, don't ever forget that!

To my lexlings, another year has gone by filled with joy, laughter, but also tears. I want to send a big hug to both Terry and Sarah. You both had a pretty rough year, and I hope you will find love and happiness in 2012. You both deserve it so much! To Lyndsey and Megan, you were both beautifull brides! Told you so! ;) I wish you all the happiness in the world with your beloved. To Paula, I finally met you in real life! You're a wonderfull person and I never thought I would meet the one lexling that came all the way from Brasil :)
And no, my dearest lexlings, I haven't forgotten about the rest of you. May all your dreams come true in 2012!

To Wendy, who I finally met in real life this year. You're an amazing person, with so much love to give. It felt like I'd known you forever. I'm gratefull you came into our lives, and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of eachother this upcoming year. And not to go into much further detail: I just want to see you happy *hugs* :)

To Barbara, even though an ocean is between us, en we both lead pretty busy lives, I haven't forgotten about you! *sm00ch*

I want to congratulate Sanne and Mark, with their new addition to the family, Maaike. Finally we have a little girl in the family! Unfortunately, I still haven't had time to make a cute dress, but she'll be around for many more years to come :)

To the girls at work, people who read my blog, and well, everyone else out there who cares: I wish everyone a year filled with joy and laughter and lots of happiness.

Ofcourse I can't forget to congratulate my uncle, because today it's his birthday!

And ofcourse, my beloved Sidney....where to start? Another year has passed with beautifull and happy moments, but also with a lot of tears and pain. We lost one of our beloved cats, she left a hole that cannot be filled. But I also know Freya makes you smile a lot and that the pain will fade until she'll just be a happy and loved memory to us. We also celebrated our 8 years together and our 3 year wedding anniversary. It only seems yesterday, that we met, or that we signed our names on the contract. But at the same time, it feels like we have know eachother for ages.
It seems we always have this balance of happiness and bad luck in our lives, which can make it feel like a rollercoaster. But in the end, we always come out together, alive and kicking. :)
I love you for making me feel I'm a better person, for making me feel like I'm your number one. For always backing me up, always being my rock in stormy weather, and for laughing at my dumb jokes. For always taking the heaviest groceriebag, for letting me yell and rant when I need to. For the tiny little things you do, to make me feel better when I didn't even know I needed it, and for being the sweetest husband a girl could ask for.
I love you, plain and simple. No masks, no buts, no trying-to-change-you tactics. I love you for who you are, and who I am when I'm with you. Let's make 2012 the best year ever together! *w00p w00p*

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Outfits and Makeup

It's a tradition at Sid's parents house, to eat breakfast in the middle of the night on christmas eve. Nowadays, it's getting harder to keep up that tradition with 2 12 yr olds, 2 small children, and people who've been working all day and are tired. But we always try, so this year, we brought some yummy christmas cupcakes to go with the coffee/tea in the evening.
I normally wear a more appropriate christmas outfit, but we had been away from home all day, and be honest...the Tshirt im wearing is pretty christmassy to -me-.

This is actually the way I went to work the day before, to work in the evienng, but hey, I forgot to make pics and I didnt look that different, only had ponytails instead of the loose hair. :P

On the first day of christmas, I wore a green/black corset dress. It was a bit too wide below the buste, but I thought that might come in handy with the whole christmas dinner and such, so I decided against taking it in.
I also wore black knitted legging, black knitted bolero, black ankleboots, my Poison Ivy Alchemy necklace and a hairpiece that once was a hairband.

Sid was dressed in a silvergrey satinshirt and tuxedopants. He later on changed into a thsirt when we were preparing dinner. I bought Merlijn a new shirt and vest and the hat that looks adorable on him :)

For my makeup, I used a combnation of Evil Shades, Gosh, Mac and Barry M.

Unfortunately, the flsh of my cam reduced the sparkle and the depth of the colour. Sorry, didn't have a lot of times to make pics.

With just a bit of Wild Rose by Catrice on my cheeks, and Chanel's Fatale on my lips.

Us, while we were preparing dinner:

On the second day of christmas, we were running a bit late, so I forgot to make pics again. I made these makeup pics late at night, after we got home again, to give a little impression of what the makeup looked like.

I mostly used Sugarpill, Gosh, MAC and Evil Shades for this one.

Even though I forgot to make pics, Paula, one of my lexlings, took some pics of us. Yeay! I don't really have a good outfit pic though. I wore black knitted legging and the same shoes as the day before. I wore a tight black skirt with a pattern on it, a black tight bodystocking, and a beautifull black top(the one I bought from my bday money ).

I have lots of other christmas pics, but let's not make this a picturespam ;)

How was your christmas?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: Mink Eyelash Extensions

I've had short straight blonde eyelashes for all of my life. After using black mascara for lots and lots of years, the bottoms ended up black, but the tips are still blonde. My lashes don't really curl, so from a distance, you don't really notice my lashes at all. Even with mascara and an eyelashcurler, my lashes tend to get straight and pointing down again. So with my more extreme/colourfull EOTD's it always looks a bit unfinished to me. That's why I tend to use fake lashes at parties or events.

Old pics of my eyes without makeup(, and with a brown eyebrownpencil applied)

Lately Ive been seeing blogs and clips about people having eyelash extenions. Ofcourse, that really got my attention, and after having read a lot about them, and having a bit of extra money this month, I decided to get them myself. Problem was, I couldn't find anyone who did the eyelashextensions, anywhere near me. After searching for quite some time and emailing some beautysalons, I finally found one who could help me.

Last saturday, I had an appointment at 9:30 in the morning at Coco Beauty in Alkmaar.
They didn't have a choice in length or curl, like other salons I read about, but she showed me the mink lashes an they didn't look that long to me (boy was I wrong! hahah). She also showed me cheaper and darker ones, but they just didn't feel that good to me. Much sturdier and not as soft as the mink ones. She also stated that these were fox hairs, which to me sounded like they didn't want people to know ít's acually mink......or they didn't know what a mink was...could be both ;)

The procedure is simple in itself, but it takes a lot of time and concentration, and you have to be handy with both of your hands.
At first, she put tape over my bottom lashes, to make sure nothing stuck together and nothing got stuck on the bottom lashes.

 Then she took two tweezers and use one to seperate my lashes and use the other one to put one mink hair to one of my own lashes.

 The hairs are all in a little box, and are in different lengths like your own lashes, so it will look more natural. They are dipped in a special glue/rubber to make them stick to your lashes.

 Right after I opened my eyes. It felt really weird, not because of the lashes, but because the skin below my eyes felt tight. That's because the tape had been there for quite a while.

 First time with makeup on. I felt like I had puppet eyes, the lashes were so long!
Right after I came out of the salon(without any makeup on) I came across a stranger who told me I looked beautifull. Lashes really change your whole appareance!

 You can't really tell that they are fake, if you look at the bottom.

I also bought a special makeup remover at the salon, because I can't use any remover on an oil base with these extensions. I lost 2 lashes on one eye, the first time I cleaned them, but none since.

I'm still not really sure how I feel about them. I love the way it looks when I don't have any makeup on, and you can still see lashes. It also looks really great with makeup. I don't use any mascara now either. I could, if i wanted to, but it's not needed anymore.
But it also has downsides.
You have to clean them with a special remover and don't rub your eyes. Which sometimes is needed with certain eyeliner or pigments. The remover I bought, is quite good though, it just takes more time.
I also have to comb them after using remover, because they tend to stick together like real lashes, and then you get spiderleg lashes. Same thing in the morning, when you sleep, your lashes get all tangled up, so in the morning you have to untangle them again. I use an old empty mascara roller for now, which works perfectly.

And I think they are a bit too long, I have to watch myself when I apply makeup, so I won't end up with pink lashes or something. If they had different lenths, I probably would have gone for shorter ones. Also, the hairs are mink, and I'm not totally sure if they are 'harvested' by just brushing the animals (like people say), and where/how they keep those animals. I'm an animal lover (but a meat eater, deal with it), and I wouldn't want an animal to get hurt, just so I could get longer/more lashes.

Also, these extensions are attched to your own lashes, so if you don't have a lot of lashes, don't expect a lot of volume when you get long extensions. I also would have loved more shorter ones on the inner eye corner for an even more natural look. The shorter ones on my other eyes inner corner tend to point a bit downward like my own aswell, and that way you can't really see them.

And ofcourse, the money.....they prefer to fill up the missing lashes that fall out naturally every three weeks orso, which can cost you about 50 euro. Which is a LOT of money.

This set cost me 100 euro excl the remover, and it took her 1,5 hours. I also got to pick a little present from a bowl filled with stuff, because it was christmas. Sidney picked out a beautifull OPI mini polish for me.

All in all it was a nice experience, never having been to a beautysalon before. But I'm not sure yet if I will keep them. Sometimes I think Yes! because they look so great, and my makeup looks more finished. And other times, they look too fake and long to me, even though noone has noticed they are fake at all. It's also quite a lot of money to keep them looking good, which is a big downside. I'll probably see how long it takes to seriously need a refill, and how that will look, and if I think it's really worth it by then.

So what do you think?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Special Birthday Present

Last friday, the 23rd, it was my dads birthday. Because I couldn't go to his birthday because of work and holidays, I wanted to give him something special.

After a loooooooong search, I came across this site: Your Surprise
It's an awesome site, that sells all kinds of products that you can personalize for the receiver, and it has a 24 hour service!

I decided to personalize two big bottles of special beers for my dad.
Then I personalised the label with a picture of my dad on his 35th weddinganniversary. Lastly, I needed a name for the beers.....finally I came up with an awesome name, which is a pun with his name and his work:

I was a little bummed that I didn't get to see his face when he received the package, but I called him and he was really happy with his present :)
I asked my mom to make some pics and here it is:

 Sorry for the bad focusing, I didnt make the pic :p

I'm so happy he loved them! :)

Congratulations again Dad! and I wish you many many more years to come!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Serious Request: This one's for Mama +Giveaway Winner

Every year, the chrsitmas feeling starts for me, when Serious Request had its kick off. There's nothing so freakily addictive, then listening to or watching Serious Request.
Serious Request has been raising money for the 'silent disasters' around the world.
I've been follwing them for years, and trying to do my little bit aswell.

Three DJ's from 3fm will be sitting in a Glass House from dec 18th untill dec 24th, without any food. They get speciallymade smoothies and stuff, but they will not have any food or, for the ones who smoke, no smokes either.
All the while, they are filmed and broadcasted live on radio and tv, and people will be showing up, looking at them and bringing money.

This year it's about This one's for Mama', which is for the mothers around the world who are on ther own because of war and conflicts. Because of violence, they sometimes loose their husbands, loose their house, have to flee their homes, or lost their harvests. Because of this, they can tend up without any food, water or healthcare. The Red Cross helps them with their primary needs: shelter, food, water, healthcare, soap, etc. They also help them with getting an income and finding their relatives.

A mother is the silent force of a family, but she can't make it on her own in a war. And her children won't make it without her. Help a mother, save a family.

As usual, their are lots of ways to donate money. You can order at their webshop, bid on lots of unique items,  
request a song, collect sodabottles for the deposit, or participate in lots of other activities. You can even organize you're own unique way of raising money for them.

Here are some other things you can do, to donate money:
-Attiude Holland, only 1 euro, every euro counts
-order a survivalkit for the families, a week of food is only 15 euros, a month 55 euros. Foof for a baby 25 euros. Water for just 5 euros, or for 800 euro, 50 families will have their own watersource. Temporary shelter for only 10 euros and so on and on.
-buy awesome thsirts for 15 or 20 euros
-buy a serious request keychain for only 3 euros
and the list goes on and on....

I bought another shirt this year, and a keychain, so thats another 23 euro, going to the Mothers in need.

I love watching the DJ's in their Glass House, going totally crazy on certain songs, like 'hello'last year, which is still a song for me with great memories because of it. This year's 'Bouncer' is already afavourite of mine, when before SR11 I didn't even like it, hehehe.
It's so awesome to see people everyday, who bring their own money to help others, even when said people dont have a lot themselves. Especially little kids who raised money or bring their own allowance is really inspiring to see.
Just remember, that even 1 euro can make a difference, because everytime 5 people will donate just ONE euro, a whole family will have water, or for just ONE euro, TWO people can be vaccinated against serious diseases.

remember: Save a mother, save a family!


The Giveaway Winner is Kaylani !  
Make sure you get me your adress as fast as possible!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Freya the kitten today ( & Loki's torture)

Or well...actually the day before yesterday...but you know what I mean :P.

Freya is about 7,5 months old now, her belly healed more weird bump on it, and the incision looks like it was never there. Took some time to get the scab off the last part where she tore her stitches near the end, but it all worked out and looks perfect now.

This is in ther fortress, a little hang thiny at the bottom. She loves sleeping curled up or just lounging in there.
She's getting quite big now. We sometimes still think she looks like a small kitten, untill we see her next to one of the other two, and remember those two are pretty huge.
I wonder how big she'll get...

 Yup, the bitch is back! hahaha, Freya always looks very...annoyed..

Ofcourse you can't take pics of one cat, without the other ones noticing and wanting to claim the attention.
Odin rolling on the stairs, which he shouldn't do, because he tends to fall off....hard.

Loki, on top of the fort, putting his paw on my shoulder to grab my attention...litterally.

Here's a little video of Freya getting dizzy...she does this for a few times, and then can't walk straight anymore...hahaha.

And...we kinda tortured Loki a bit a while back. He was annoying Freya when she still had her cone of shame, so we decided to give him something else to do. He did NOT like it.

Apparantly, with a shirt on, you can't walk...or do anything a normal cat does...

I still have to laugh every time I see these pics, lol!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Born Pretty Store's Christmas Nail Art

At the beginning of this month, I was asked if I wanted to review something for Born Pretty Store. I chose the Christmas Nail Art Stickers, which are actually water decals, because I thought it would be fun to try out for the upcoming holidays.

I got 2 different kinds and this is a blog about one of those sets:

You can find them HERE , there's also a little video on how to use them! They only cost 4,73 dollar. For that price you get ALL of the above.

Products I used for this mani:

(You need to place the stickers in the water, before you can remove the back of them. After theat you can put them straight onto your nails)

I painted every other nail with China Glaze's Cheers to You, the other remaining nails, I painted with China Glaze's Midnight Kiss. I did not use the flash on my cam, because these nailpolishes tend to reflect and that way you can't see the nailart. Which would take away the point, lol

Then I took the stickers, and cut each one that I wanted to use, out with scissors. I placed it in water, so I could get the sticker of the paper. Then I placed the sticker on the nail, and finally put a clear top coat over it.

The whole process is supereasy and I have to say, it looks really good. Especially if you like nail art, but can't really paint pretty pictures that small yourself, this is the solution for you! Or if you have a lazy day and want a quick intersting looking mani. Or if you're like me and want symmetrical hands, and get annoyed when you cant paint aswell with yout lefthand as with your righthdn ;)

I haven't used water decals before, and I really want to get myself more, they are so detailed!

I also received this:
All of the single stamp plates are on sale, only $1.55 !  33% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on the coming holiday, 10 days only!

Friday, December 16, 2011

EOTD: I've got the Sugarpill Blues

I've said it before, when I don't feel good, I tend to compensate that sometimes with extra colourfull makeup and/or clothing. Since I've been sneezing and coughing since fridaynight, I kinda needed a pick me up on sunday. It didn't really work though, but at least I got to ignore my sickness untill the stocktake last wednesday. After that, I finally allowed myself to fall apart. So I'm sick at home now. It's a severe cold, or might be turning into a flu. Let's hope not! Anyway, out stocktake was excellent, so it was all worth it!

On with the makeup goodness!

This makeup was inspired by the dress I was wearing, which was a tich dark blue one with a black/turquoise leopard print. If I wasn't sneezing half the way through this EOTD, I might have done some false lashes and some leopardprint on the eyes...but oh well. I still like the outcome!


On my moving eyelid, I applied Lumi. Lumi is such an awesome eyeshadow, it's white, with a blue glow, and changes when it catches the light.
In and above the crease, I applied Royal Sugar. This is an amazing blue with awesome sparkles. It's also one of the few Sugarpill eyeshadows I have a bit of trouble with. It doesn't blend quite as easily and tends to be wiped off, and loose the sparkle. Still, I think it looked pretty good.

 Above my lashes, I applied a thin line of black eyeliner, because I don't have a lot of lashes, this still gives that illusion of them a bit.
Below my eyes, I applied some Gosh velvet touh eyeliner and on top of it I applied Sugarpills Starling. I really love this turquoise/blue and I think it combines great with Lumi.

On the LOTD pics, I only had some Gosh Soft n shine Scarlet on my lips. When you've been sneezing your ass off, you tend to get a sensitive skin. So I haven't applied any blush or concealer or anything.

I wore black knitted leggings, black overknee highheeled boots, the leopardprint dress, and a black knitted long cardigan. Also turquoise/silver feather earrings, which matched the dress close enough.

I think I sneezed in between these two, hahaha. I look like crap!
I dont use a lot of blue, but this is definately one of my favourite EOTDs with so much blue. :)


BTW don't forget to enter the giveaway, it ends on the 18th!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

EOTD: Sweet 50s look turned glam

Another look with the Oh So Special palette? Yes! This is such a great palette that I reach for it a lot. Especially when I want to do a simple eyelook.

This look was the one I did, when I got to meet Wendy for the first time. We had a great time!

I used a very light colour on the moving eyelid, something I never really did before. Then I added a darker colour above the crease and some extra dark into the crease.

It's a really simple look, but it gives just enough colour to give it that bit extra to your face.

Then I added a winged eyeliner and some black eyeliner below the eye. Together with the headband with the polkadots and the pink lipstick, it really gave me that 50's vibe.

It was a bit TOO sweet for my taste though, and I didn't really like the colour of the lipstick with the colours I used on my eyes.

What to do??

Change the lipstick ofcourse!
Yeah, bold red lips is much more my thing. The gold glitter on this one makes it extra special. This one if from the Limited Edition collection by Catrice thats in stores right now.