Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Born Pretty Store, Handmade Lashes

I while ago, I was contacted again by Born Pretty Store, if I wanted to try out some products again. I was really interested in the handmade lashes, so I searched through the shop to find the ones I liked most.

I requested the box with 10 sets of Handmade Artificial False Eyelashes #218. These are pretty natural looking, with a complete see through band. Except ofcourse for the little parts where the lashes are attached.
This box costs 8,54 dollar, which is about 6,45 euros. Thats a bargain for 10 sets of lashes!

As you can tell from the pictures of my eyes that are posted all over the blog, I am not gifted with a lot of lashes. I tend to use darker colours near my lashes, just to have the effect of something there. When I apply fake lashes, that have a black strip, I always use black eyeliner to make sure the overlap of the fake lashes and the real lashes is less noticable. But for some looks, I don't want to use eyeliner, and I didn't have any lashes with a see through band.

The lashes that I received are handmade, and look and feel much more natural than cheaper ones. Those usually feel a bit chunky, unbendable and plastic. Not always comfortable, but not always as bad as it sounds either. The strip that they are attached to, is see through, and has longer parts at the side, which keeps them in their box. Don't forget to cut these off, before you use them!

I also always make them a bit rounder by taking them between my two hands and moving those up and down, like with a slinky(those things that you can let rund down the stairs in pretty rainbowcolours). This way, the lashes are less straight, and will stick better to your eyes. If you don't, the sides might come off the corners of your eyes, because it wants to be in it's original form, which is pretty straight.

For this EOTD, I applied no eyeliner, and applied the lashes, with some Eyelure lashglue. Which is by the way perfect lashglue to use if you want to re-use your lashes.

 The lashes are really long and look pretty natural next to my own lashes. The strips are a bit long, which is why they get pretty close to my inner eye corner. I'm not a big fan of cutting lashes shorter, because you tend to loose the natural shaping. These lashes have shorter lashes on the inner eyecorner, which makes them more natural looking. I might cut them a bit on the outer corner next time I use them, but for now, I just wanted to see how they looked in their full glory.

 With a closeup, you can tell by the bit of 'white' of the lashband that's refelected by the flash, that I'm wearing falsies, but if you looked at my face from a normal distance, it wasn't really noticable.

The lashes felt pretty good on my eyes, not too heavy or anything. I  like the way they can really finish a look. I always get a bit annoyed at the tiny bit of lashes that I naturally have, which sometimes can make a look seem a bit off or unfinished. These lashes really make the difference if you ask me.

I'm really glad with these and can recommend them to anyone! The EOTD of this pics will be posted tomorrow by the way :)

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  1. Sounds interesting! I'm a short lashed gal myself, but I just don't like to put on heavy eyeliners. These sound like lashes I might actually consider using!