Monday, November 28, 2011

NOTD: True Love , Essence LE

At first, when I saw swatches online from the new Limited Edition by Essence: Vampires Love, I wasn't too excited about the nailpolishes. All for except one: Old Gold Buffy. Swatches of that one, will follow soon.
I remember seeing the swatch of True Love and thinking it was a bit too pink for my taste, nothing too special to add to my stash.
Untill I saw it in reallife at the store....

This is a prefect combo of winered with some darkpurple. And it really fits the collection's name, this is a perfect polish for the vamps out there to wear.

The polish applied easily enough, This is one thin coat and a thicker second coat, without a topcoat.

I love the way the polish seems to shift from winered to darkpurple and everything in between. I'm really glad that I looked at it in the store and brought it home with me.
Most stores will probably have a sold out collection by now, but if you're into this kind of colour and can still get it somwhere, I recommend that you do! It really is a great addition to your stash :)

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  1. Mijn Kruidvat is zo traag dat het pas deze week de collectie binnen kreeg, LOL, Maar daardoor wel mijn Gold Old Buffy weten te scoren! Mijn laatste beauty aankoop voorlopig (goede voornemens...) maar wel een hele leuke :)