Thursday, November 17, 2011

NOTD: Golden Rose Holographic Color no. 120

This is a holographic polish By Golden Rose. No. 120 is a very nice pink, with lots of shimmer.

 The flash makes it a bit brighter than it really is, but in daylight (without sun) it's more toned down. So the reallife colour is somwhere in between:

daylight (no sun)

indoors (with flash)
It's a nice and sparkly polish, it applied really easy and it doesn't chip fast either. It is holographic, but not in the rainbows-on-you-nails-way. All in all a really nice polish, and there are a lot of colours to choose from in this holographic range.


  1. ben echt verliefd op jouw nagels he mijn hemeltje!

  2. @Tine, we kunnen niet allemaal dezelfde smaak hebben :)

    @TheArtIsMakeup, serieus? ik doe er niets speciaal mee hoor, zo groeien ze gewoon :)