Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not the best week of my life...

Remember that burglary I blogged about..turns out its the house right NEXT to ours! Okay, there's this little piece of road between us, but that's way to ffing close for my taste!

Since my last blogpost, things havent been looking up.....

Yes, we did go to Breaking Dawn, and we had fun AND we saw the Volturiscene after the movie, when almost everyone else already dissappeared out of the theater. But on my way to the bus, the zipper of my bag broke off. Which is btw my FAVOURITE bag. (ill take it to the shoemaker though, he always fixes my stuff happily and cheap!)
Then, while waiting with 20+ other people, the bus just drove by...without stopping. And that one comes just once per hour on saturdaynights. *sigh*.
Luckely for us, we can take a diff busline so we went to a diff busstop and took that one, but still..such an annoyance. (it made me think back on that time we went to see Twilight, and the key to the lock of our bikes put together broke off...while it was

Then we got a call that my fatherinlaw had a pretty bad flu, so we decided on staying home on sunday. No need to get sick ourselves.

On monday I cut myself in the finger with a knife...deeply..something i NEVER do. So I was annoyed. Then during that day and the next, lots of other stuff happened with my fingers that were painfull. Lots of cursing and sighing.

Then, when we got our delivery at work, I took our papers from the guy(which looked 16 orso, which he was obviously not, because you cant drive untill 18 here, but still.). And then I needed the papers from our delivery, which is in the containers. The driver KNOWS that, and SAW me. So what did that idiot do? When I was grabbing those extra papers, he started going down with the loading platform, know..while I was standing right there. And the thing came down on my foot, and if I didnt yelled at him, It would prolly have been BROKEN. Do you know what the guy did? NOTHING. no apology, not a single word.
So my foot hurt pretty good all day, prolly shouldnt have been standing and walking on it all day either.
When I got home it was pretty swoolen and walking wasnt much in the picture anymore.

And of our black glass plates fell on the floor and broke down into a freaking MILLION little pieces...I had never seen anything like that. The whole floor was covered with tiny fragments of dinner was ruined aswell. Because I really dislike glass splinters on my pizza.

Then I got a mail where they were late with sids new medicines(he had to start with them immediately), and on top of that a mail that they would be delivered even later.

Needless to say, I stayed in bed for a loooooong while today. I feel like hiding in a corner and just wait till this week/month/whatever is over.

On the bright side, the bump on Freyas belly seems to be getting smaller. So thats really good news, lets hope its keep geting smaller the next few days.
Also I got to move my dentist appointment for that 450 euro job, so the bill could be mailed for THIS year, which means I can still get stuff done to my teeth next yr.

Do you ever have these episodes where just everything seems to be going wrong? Sid and I sem to really have episodes of them, and we are almost accustomed to them and react to them with ''oh boy, its one of those weeks again'. Still, they arent a lot of fun, and I'll be really happy when this stuff is over.


  1. Echt wat kut zeg, nu zou je ondertussen toch al beginnen denken dat het nu niet erger kan worden he?
    Maar toch nog goed dat je bij BD bent blijven zitten, in onze zaal was ook de helft van het volk al weg :')

  2. Yikes! And yes I seem to be having those days more often recently than I'd like. I hope things start to look up for you soon.