Friday, November 25, 2011

EOTD & LOTD: Wicked Weekender

Do you ever wake up and just 'feel' like a certain colour? Or just get this totally random colourcombo stuck into your head, and it won't go away untill you've tried it out with makeup?
Well, welcome to my life....

Since I'm not a morningperson, I tend to do a simple makeup when I have to work. But, I work most fridaynights, and because on those days I've gotten the chance to waken before that time, I sometimes give in to my mood to go all out. Last friday was such a day.
I was totally in the mood for some purple, so I decided to grab some special ones from my stash. I also grabbed some glitter, just because I could.

The fun part is, that even though it looks like I used a lot of different colours, I only used 2 eyeshadows and 1 glitter!

On my moving eyelid, I applied Sugarpill's Weekender.
Weekender is an incredible purple, I think it's THE purple for me. You have to see it in all it's glory to understand what I'm saying, it has such a beautifull shimmer, it's amazing!

Above the crease, I applied Fyrinnae's Wicked.
Wicked is one of those incredible colourchanging eyeshadows. It's a purple but it can shift to a beautifull blue. I just love duochromes, because you can do so many fun things with them.

I applied some Pixie Epoxy on my inner eye corner and a little above the crease. On the inner eye corner, I applied NYX purple glitters for extra sparkle.
Above the crease, I applied some more Wicked. Because of the Pixie Epoxy, Wicked now becomes this gorgeous blue, on top of it's own purple.
I still have to figure out the 'right' way yo use Pixie Epoxy, but I like the effect!

I used the purple gelliner by Essence, which I can't find right now, so I'm not sure about the name. Oops!
Below the eyes, I applied Some Gosh eyeliner Funky Violet, and applied some more Weekender over it.

I applied some Light Burgundy by Catrice to my cheeks and some Essence (LE) Bloody Mary on my lips. No idea why it looks like a berry on the pics, it truley was a purple.

That day, I also put my hair up in a ponytail. I like the effect the red gives, that filters through the black locks.


  1. new follower and got to say, why havent i found your blog before. :D
    Love the purples you used, i adore purple so always nice to see it used creatively like this.
    Oh and i adore the essence gel liner, annoyingly cant get it in the UK so have to make orders with my german friends to ship it over when i run out hehe

  2. love it! u look amazing!!!i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member (blog follower)

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  3. @Sakara, welcome! I hope you'll like it here, it's a bit of a strange pplace, but the people in it are nice ;) Seems you have some lovely friends over there, Im sure you;ll keep them up to date with UK goodies :)

  4. wooow supermooi ;O
    je hebt me inspiratie bezorgd!