Monday, November 14, 2011

A Change of Hair

I've dyed my hair black since 2002, and have been thinking about dark red ever since. I even had a couple of dark red locks in there at first. But having to decolour my hair was just too much trouble, and also, knowing my hair, I didn't want to go bald.  I also thought red might be too harsh for my skintone.

I'm a natural blonde(middle, ash, dark, etc all in one), and apparantly, when you dye my blonde hair black, it gives out a lot of red pigment. Which is why the ends of my hair looks like this:

 It looks kinda brownred, but when the sun hits it, it becomes an honest red. weird huh, my hair does this all by itself. I only dye my roots every month and maybe every 6 months or more I dye the ends black again. Just to kake sure my hair doesnt turn into a ropey kind of structure.

When I saw a picture of Blix her hair on her blog, I felt that it was a great possibility for me to change my hair a bit. I could just dye my roots a different colour!

I got a bit scared when the dye was in my hair, because it became BRIGHT ORANGE, and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO!, but when it started drying, it got darker and darker red.

After washing out the dye, my hair looked really bright under the light in the bathroom. In the living room however, it looked like this:
Which isn't that weird, because the dye was called middle brown red. The hairdresser and me decided on that one, because we didnt know how bright it might become on my lighter roots. And we don't really use bright lights in the livingroom. (they give me headaches.)

But...this is how it looks in daylight(without sun):
I know it's not much yet, but I really needed to dye my roots, because my lighter hair, makes it look like I have bald spots when I put my hair up, because it's so close to my scalp colour.
I think it'll look really nice, when Ive dyed my roots again next month.

I've tried to make pics, but the red just didn't show because of my flash, so this is all I was able to conjure for you right now:
It's not exactly the reallife colour, but you can see where it it in this pic at least.
So what do you guys think? Keep going with this next month, or go back to black?


  1. I like it and think you should keep it!

  2. Houden zo, staat je echt prachtig!

  3. Heel mooi! Die warme tint erin doet je goed :)

  4. Ik vind het heel leuk staan, maar ik denk dat je het over een tijdje weer zwart 'moet' verven. Op een gegeven moment wordt de rode uitgroei te lang. Maar dat is volgende maand denk ik nog niet het geval ;) Dus ik zeg volgende maand weer

  5. Keep on going, it looks great!

  6. @LinvanT ik was zoiezo van plan t bij uitgroei te houden, dus als de uitgroei te lng word, word er weer een deel zwart geverfd. Ik was niet van plane om compleet voor roos te gaan :)

    Thanx all!

  7. ik zie enkel rood bij de uitgroei wat ik eigenlijk best wel een mooi effect vind naar dat donkere toe! nice!!