Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NOTD: Golden Rose Holographic 119

This is an NOTD with the beautifull dark grey colour by Golden Rose.

It is said to be holographic, and it is. Just not all over, but more of a holographic glitter effect, which is still pretty!

 I love the way it sparkles but still remains that somewhat darker colour.

 It's hard to catch the holographic effect on cam, because it won't give that one big rainbow on each nail. But when you click on the pic, you'll see it well enough.

This is the colour without lighting, it reminds me a bit of an LE polish by Essence, which was also a holographic darker grey.
I don't remember what it costs, but it's available at Enchantra, and there are several colours to choose from.

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  1. heb m ook! vind m mooi, maar wel jammer dat ie niet wat zwarter is