Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A fun weekend at my parents' house

I'm behind on so much, so I need to cramp in some personal stuff otherwise ill be getting behind evern worse :P

These are pictures form the weekend I spend at my parents, to celebrate my 30th bday with family. (Who I hadn't seen for almost a year! :( )

Let me start by saying that Sid made all the pics, and he has a knack for taking pics when I'm in the middle of a sentence, which makes for weird pics :P

Trainride to Brabant, me eating. im not a morning person, can you tell?

my mom printed these pics and hung them in the kitchen..awww

me talking to my mom, no idea what about

eating from the garden, missed that!

first fresh walnuts of the year, woohoo!

aftr just having eaten my moms famous tomtatosoup, hence the apron

sid being silly
me, looking drunk. in reality, sid cam has the brightest flash EVER, that hurts your eyes

i love this pic from my mom


looking for my toothbrush or something

The next day we went to a big market with anything ranging form antique to rubbish in Belgium, a tiny carneval in a really small village, and the Abbey of Postel, to eat fries.

mon and me looking at jewelry

me, trying on jewelry, as usual, nothing fit.

just bought Pink Floyd's The Wall

loving this pic of sid and my dad, LOL

me and mom

me and mom

quess what we are doing, hahaha

waiting for our drinks

us, looking dead tired

cant go and eat at the Abbey of Postel without a beer form them aswell?

my sweet parents

at the carneval, lookin for a prize 
we didnt win...obviously

Eindhoven trainstation, waiting for our train to go back home.
We had a wonderfull and fun weekend, with great weather and a lovely party. It was great to see everyone again. Especially after so long. Going home afterwards is always a sad and joyous occasion. I love going to my own home, to hug my cats, to sleep in my own (much softer) bed. But weekends like this also make me miss my parents that much more, so it always has a sad tinge to it aswell.
Still, I'm glad I was able to see them again, and we had a lot of fun :)

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  1. You forgot being ripped off and falsely informed about mayonaise byy the Belgium "Postelse Fries Maffia".

    Seriously though, it was a great weekend.