Friday, October 14, 2011

A fun day at Artis (zoo)

My collegues gave me and hubs tickets to go to Artis, something we both really liked. SO on one of the last days with amazingly good weather, we went to Amsterdam.

applying lipstick in the train, after eating breakfast

sid looking bored

Impossible Astronaut anyone? ;) (at the planteraium)

in this section monkeys were walking all around you

these baby monekys ran above our heads

these were not the only ine in the oark who were in the almost seemed contagious, so many animals were..busy..

Merlijns favourite animals

In the butterfly garden, me exclaiming, did you see THAT?

this was just amazing, hundreds of them just fluttered around you (mom you NEED to see this!)

big ones, small ones..some as big as your head..

these were dull brown on the outside, but bright blue on the inside!

peacock with a baby!!!

all the monkeys were outside, this was the indoor part.

across rom the penguins, lunch

i had to sit down in this awesome stone chair

We had a wonderfull day, it was sunny all day, we saw a lot of beautifull and weird animals, it was a perfect bdaypresent!