Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fashion and Jewelry Haul

Most of you will know that I work in a clothing store, I've also been making clothing since 2002, so it's not really strange that my clothingcloset is pretty stuffed. I still have tops that I wore when I was 14 orso, but when I love something, I won't part with it. Especially not when it still fits. I do clean up from time to time, and sell some, or give it away, to make room for new stuff.

I also love sale, I find it really rewarding to score something in a sale for only a fraction of the original price. Having said that, I also have a discount at work and we have so many special sales and discounts, that it's sometimes hard NOT to buy something, hahaha.
Anyway, this is once again a haul from MONTHS (most was bought in the summer), so it's picture heavy!

All from Takko:
 A cute black pleated skirt, I love pleated skirts, one of my favs is the one I made years ago. And I keep making variations on it. :)

A cute tutu like skirt made from chiffon with polkadots. All layers are trimmed with lace.

 Another lace skirt, yeah, I love skirts and I adore lace :)

A bit of a polit like fake leather coat. I bought this for the inbetween time, when its to cold without a jacket, but to warm for my fall/winter coats. We had this is a steampunk brown aswell, unfortunately brown does NOT look good on me.

 A simple longshirt/dress with lace and a print with roses.

 Awesome (and heavy) belt.

 Dress with skullprint. I has a small black belt aswell, but I removed it to take in the waist. Normally I can't wear white, but the print makes it wearable for me.

Those above were all from Takko, and most of them are on sale again right now, so check it out!

 A very Tim Burtonesque dress, in a bodycon styled stripe. I adored this dress ever since I saw in in the window at Lake Side. BUt I thought it was too expensive and that the white and stripes wouldn't look good on me. A long time later, I was browsing the store's sale, and I found exactly ONE left of this dress. It was a lot cheaper now, and even though it was a big size, I still tried it on. I LOVED it immediately, and even though I have to take it in allover and even shorten it a bit, I'm really happy that I still could score it. Yes, my butt looks enormous in it, but I love it so much, I don't really care :P

 A simple skirt that reminded me a bit of steampunk, it was only 10 euro's at McFibre, so I took it home with me. It looks awesome with my steampunk-like shoes.

 They also had this one hanging in fron of the shop. With Sid being a big Star Wars fan, and it only costing 1 euro(!?) I had to buy it :)

All from Action:
 Very Sapph like tops, which was between 3 and 4 euros I believe. The colours are much deeper/darker and warmer though.

And a simple lace top. I love layering tops wtih lace tops, so this will probably be paired with a black top.

In search of flat shoes/bootd that I could walk on longer, I found these. Most flatheeled boots look well..dull. So these still have a heel, but I can walk on them much longer without pain than other heeled boots I have. I like the bands with the clasps at the side, makes them look a bit tougher. These are from Van Haren.

Below all from Takko again:
 Simple grey knitted dress that folows the bodies cruves. I have to take in the waist though. I love simple dresses like this one.

 Some jewelry:
A bracelet with some roses and stuff hanging from it. A brooch with a skull that Sid really liked. A silver ring, and some hairclips.
 Close up of the ring, I love the way the leaves bend around my finger. It was only 2,99 I believe :)

And one of my already fav bracelets, a wraparound which is formed by two leaves.

I know it looks like a lot, but this was over a time period of 4 or 5 months, so I think it's not that bad. :)


  1. I like your style. Let me know if you get tired of your cloths ;)

  2. Damn, ik vind werkelijk alles leuk^^ Wist niet dat Takko zulke leuke dingen verkoopt, dacht altijd dat het een beetje een degelijke winkel was zegmaar! Jammer dat wij er hier geen hebben...

  3. leeuk!
    haha leuk da je geslaagd ben bij Takko, ben er vandaag nog geweest en ze hadden werkelijk niets leuks >< ik vind het echt een slechte winkel geworden

  4. @kattatonic fierceology: haha from time to time im known to seel some of my clothes.. ;)

    @pauline ligt heel erg aan de grootte van de winkel. sommige Takkos (kleinere) hebben alleen basics, wij hebben bijna alle collecties. Dit is grotendeels Ƨrazyworld' , dat is de wat jeugdigere collectie.

    @femketje: helemaal mee eens :)

    @lindaaa, ik slaag altijd bij de Takko, gelukkig krijg ik personeelskorting ;). Zoals ik al tegen Pauline zei: t ligt heel erg aan welke winkel je treft. Wij hebben gelukkig ook de leukere colleties, en niet alleen de basics en de geruite blousjes ;)