Tuesday, October 25, 2011

EOTD & LOTD: Eighties Steampunk

When I did this look, I was going for a bit of steampunk feel, but I ended up with an 80's twist.

The colours were darker in reallife, but my flash just decided to annoy me..it does that sometimes...well..a lot of times actually :P.

 I used the Oh So Special palette by Sleek for the browns, to make a simple EOTD. As I've said above, the browns were much deeper and darker.

 Then I added the Coastel Scents gelliner 24K, which is a pretty gold colour, which in combintion with the brown gives that steampunk feel.

 Below the eye, I applied Gosh's Metallic Brass, which is a brown with golden shimmer in it. But the camera really failed me on this look :( It was much prettier in real life.

Then I asked hubs which lipstick I should use, and he pointed to Sleek's Paint Polish Port. Which is a much brighter pink on the lips then it looks like in the tube.
I also wanted a vintage hairdo, but when I was trying to make a poofy front, it decided to stay in this hairstyle that I myself had when I was 10 orso.
All in all, it really gave me that 80's vibe, and I just went with it.

Normally I would have gone for some shade of red, so this bright pink with these colours, aswell as the light eyeliner, really felt weird to me.

I wore the brown/gold skirt that I posted last week with this vest, to create that steampunk look.
 I also wore a black tight shirt with poofy shoulders, a black legging, and wedges. And my awesome Octopuss necklace that I bought on ebay for less than 2 dollars, score!

In the end, it turned into something totally different than I was going for, but when I went to the mall, I got a LOT of compliments on it. :)


  1. Mooie look en ook deze ooglook staat je weer erg goed (rijmt ook nog eens ;)).
    Hoewel je soms looks hebt die ik zelf niet zou dragen, is dit er één die ik wel geschikt vind. :D

  2. I love the bright lips. They look really good on you :)