Thursday, October 6, 2011

Castlefest Haul

This post should have been posted ages ago....oh well...

 Sid loves leather bracelets, and he loves wolf/cat paw prints.
 We both love The Nightmare before Christmas, but still didn't on the soundtrack on cd. That's fixed now. :)

 Sid's new steampunkstyle watch

 I love the way you get to see inside and watch it tick!

 Leather bracelet for me, it's one of a kind. The guy who made this makes beautifull leather corsets, armtcuffs, neckcorsets, etc. He told me he had only a small piece of this special leather and he had used it in patchwork style in some long armcuffs. Unfortunately, those were to small for Sid. But then I found this little bracelet and it fit me! (Usually they are wayyyyy to big for me)

 I love venetian masks, and this one reminded me of them.

 Another tarot deck for Sids extensive collection.

 A makeupmirror for my mom. I own a sililar one with a peacock(see caslefest haul of last year), and since she adores butterflies, I had to buy it.

Some leatherpieces for Sod to see if he can tattoo them and make armcuffs out of.

We also bout another big Nerf gun for Sid to pimp and two beautifull The Nightmare Before Christmas mugs. I;ve somehow misplaced those pics *frowns*
Sids a big one in green and black with Sally on it, Mine is a white one with a black inside and a black and silver print of Jack on it. On the back, theirs a big silver J with an inlayed black stone. :)


  1. Love the steam punk watch!

  2. Wauw.. dat steampunkhorloge is echt gaaf!
    Ik vind 'em ook echt iets voor Sid.
    Toffe aankoopjes :)