Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Haul

Finally spend my birthday money. Took some time to look at stuff that I really liked and was a bit special aswell.
Now I just have to wait for all these beauties to get here....

-Alchemy's Venetian Death Mask

-Black Tie Neck Top from Attitude Holland:

And then I came across this one, it was not on my list, it's a new release from Alchemy:
-Poison Ivy:
I think this one is gorgeous. Maybe not daily wear, but I'll make it work. I wanted some special things for my bday, and I think this one is pretty special :)

Then I ordered some stuff with some help from the lovely Wendy (thanx again hun!):

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance:

And some samples and stuff from Fyrinnae:
-Pixie Epoxy (twice):

-Meerkat Loose eyeshadow:

-Arcane Magic: Faerie Glamour:

-Arcane Magic: Dark Fantasy:

-Arcane Magic: Sorceress:

-Arcane Magic: Madame & Eve's:

-Arcane Magic: Velvet Vampire:

-Arcane Magic: Sequined Master:

-Arcane Magic: Conjuror:

-Týr Loose Eye Shadow:

-Shinigami Loose Eye Shadow:

-Immortality Loose Eye Shadow:

-Dokkálfar Loose Eye Shadow:

-Fyre & Ice Loose Eye Shadow:

-Wicked Loose Eye Shadow:


  1. die ketting met die blaadjes is superleuk!
    maar de helft van de foto's doen het niet ):

  2. prachtige oogschaduws heb je besteld! En leuke andere aankopen :)

  3. I LOVE Alchemy Gothic, their jewellery is just beautiful. I like the pieces you've chosen. Fyrinnae is amazing, I'm so glad they're back now! I'll have to put in an order :) Love the top too, it's gorgeous.