Monday, September 19, 2011

Latest Auryn Haul

When we went to Auryn in August, I had lots of stuff on my wishlist, and decided not to order stuff so I could just get it at the shop itself.
Here's what I brought home:

 Sleek Pount Paints: Cloud 9, Mauve Over, Port and Pin Up.
I don't have a good experience with the OCC liptars, but I can tell you that the one Ive tried so far was way better. I need to get the blue one to make some nice purples....and Sleek needs to make a black one!

 Color Club: Masquerading, Ms Hautie, De-Lux-cious, Red Velvet
Swatched 3 of these already, so they will be on the blog soon.

 Colorclub: Snakeskin, and China Glaze: Gr8

I just love those colorclub polishes with that duochrome/shine effect. And ocourse I needed the holo from the OMG collection.
 Sleek cream lipstick: Grape
I absolutely love Sleek lipsicks and I def need more of these. 

Inoje: Pure Peeling Gel and Foam Cleansing.
Peeling for me and Foaming for the hubs.We both love this stuff. i needed some time qetting used to it, and after realising I just needed the peeling, my skin thanked me.

For some reason I forgot to make a picture of the Sleek Curacao palette, so heres a pic from the Enchantra site:

From the sale boxes:
 Konad: Nail deco Diamond Glitter, Coastel Scents gelline: 24k Gold and Sexy Pink
, some more glitter and some kitty nail art thingies:

And some lipsmackers that cracked me up, I just had to take these with me:
When I saw these, my hands were itching to give these to people who deserved them, hahahaha.
I also had skittles but these are already in use, Ive never used lipsmachers before these!