Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Nuts about it!

This blog is about one of my obsessions, one that I have t wait a whole year for and it only has a tiny window of time. No idea, what I'm talking about? Hahahha. Okay, Let me explain.
Growing up, almost everyone around me had a walnut tree. So I was used to eating walnuts when it was the right season. And with right season, I mean, the moment when they fall off the tree and are still fresh. Fresh enough to peel open en pull the skin off to reveal all of it's white glory.

Unfortunately, nowadays, only my parents still have a walnut tree, but it does have one of the best walnuts there is. Since I live in the north now, I can't get ANY fresh walnuts around here, because noone has a walnuttree in their backyard.
Luckely for me, I have the BEST parents a Nut like me could have.
So a week ago on thursday, my parents send me a box of this:

 They look wet, because they came straight from the tree, fresh walnuts are also known as wet walnuts.
I only eat them fresh, because the taste is really different from dry ones. Also, dry ones make my throat hurt, it's the little skin that does that. When I have dried ones left, I use them to make bonbons, or french toast and such. They dry pretty fast, so theres only a small window of time in which I can eat them. And I eat A LOT! (last year I ate 3 or 4 full boxes *grins*)

 When you stick a small sharp knife in the darker little center at the top, you can easily pop them open, to reveal this. I only use a walnutcracker if I can't open them this way, which almost never happens. A cracker isn't fun to use, because it ruins the nut inside into little pieces. That way its too much trouble to remove the skin anymore.

 This is WITH the skin, that I always peel off, this skin can make your throat hurt. I also don't really like the taste of the skin, it's too bitter.

 And this is without the skin, the whiter the nut, the fresher it is. And these were superfresh!
On sunday, the box was empty, oops, hahaha! My parents just send me a new box on thursday (awesome!), so I'm good to go for a few days again. Thanx mom and dad, you're the best! :)

These always kep my winterdepression at bay, it's something to look forward to after summer has ended. And after this summer I really needed my walnuts, hahaha.

I read that walnuts are pretty helathy and are considered a superfood. Ofcourse thats when you eat 7 a day orso. Since I eat several KILOS in about a months time, I just hope it helps me through the year, hahaha.
Anyway it seems these are pretty good for people with a high bloodpressure, which is good news for me. They also have a lot of other healthy ingredients, so try them out sometime!


  1. sounds like something I really should try!

  2. I've never seen or tasted a fresh walnut before. They look really good! :)

  3. I can remember having walnuts around sinterklaas at my grandmothers. My mom and aunt always go nuts too and the two can eat a fruitbowl full of walnuts in just a weekend. I like them, but after a handfull, i'm done. I like them without the skin too, but its just too much work for those tiny things.

  4. Those look yummy!

    Your blog is really cute :)