Friday, September 30, 2011

Gift from my Beloved

Now some of you may not know this, but my hubby is a real gentleman (and a romantic), he opens door for me and such. When we first met, he even gave me a handkiss. Hahahaha.

Anyway, my beloved starts an hour at work earlier than me and is home an hour earlier aswell. Since I'm working in a mall, in a little sidestreet that is pretty much dark when we close, he always comes and picks me up. Might seem a bit extreme to some, but we don't have security walking around when the stores are open in the evening for nothing. It's a great mall, but when everything closes and it gets dark, a LOT of people are starting to hang out there and there have been many fights.

Sidney, being the gentlemen that he is, doesn't want me to walk alone there in the evening, so he always comes and picks me up. He's sort of become ''furniture'' to our store as we like to call him. My collegues don't mind at all :)

Anyway, a while ago, we walked home through the mall, and my eyes fell on a window with these amazing earrings in it. I immediately loved them, because they contained lots of things that I like and were pretty unique. Ofcourse I wasn't able to buy them, because I had to work when they were open.
So what did my awesome hubby do? He bought them the next day and gave them to me! So Sweet!

The victorian style upperpart, the lace over the black stone, the length, the silver feathers...*sigh*.
I absolutely adore them and I think they will look awesome with my birthdaydress!

Thanx again  My Love! *sm00ch*

(BTW, sorry, apparantly some scheduled posts were turned into drafts for some weird reason and weren't posted on the days they were supposed to)


  1. Ahh de Boer. Ja die hebben echt wel leuke dingen als je goed kijkt, mooie tassen ook!

    Maar supermooie oorbellen

  2. True love :) I like gentleman :D