Tuesday, September 13, 2011

EOTD: Spiced Red

A lot of people are a bit afraid to use coral or red eyeshadow, because it can look really harsh, or makes you look like you've been crying. But these colours can be really gorgeous, so I tried to make a wearable EOTD with one of them.

 On my inner eyecorner I used Gilbert's Grapefruit by Catrice, which is a soft loking pink with a really nice shimmer in it. Perfect to tone down the red I've used.

 On the rest of my moving eyelid I applied Spiced Red, by Catrice, which is a LE.
 It's a beautifull darker red, which always reminds me of wine. To make the red a bit less harsh and to tone the colour down, I applied some black eyeshadow in the outer V. It makes the red look a lot softer than it really is.
Above the crease I blended a tiny bit of Berry Fairy by Catrice, which is also a LE. It's a burgundy colour with a lot more purple in it.

Then I applied some black liquid eyeliner above the lashes, and a tiny bit of black eyeliner below the eyes. This way I could apply some more eyeshadow below the eyes, without it looking like I've cried for hours on end.

Don't mind the shirt, I changed clothes after the pics, I eventually wore a black halterdress with a studded belt. ;)
 I applied some Light Burguny blush by Catrice on my cheeks. I aplied Evil shades Devilista on my lips, which is a very nice shade that somehow ends up between red and orange. And on top of that I applied Spiced Red lipgloss by Catrice (LE).

I think that these colours are really wearable this way, and that they give a great contrast with the colour of my eyes. It also makes the white of your eyes looks really really really white :)

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  1. I like this look. You really rock the red and it fits perfectly together.