Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Castlefest Tryout Makeup: Medusa with Sugarpill

This post has been long overdue, so I won't talk too much about it. This is the tryout makeup I did for Castlefest this year (which was in the beginnng of August). The makeup that I finally did was pretty similar to this one. That one will be online soon aswell.

This is just a tryout for the makeup(just one side of the face), and the hair. To see what I wanted to do with it all, and see if what I had envisioned would work.

On with the pics!

I used mostly Sugarpill loose powders, Absinthe, Junebug, Stella and Goldilux, but I also used a little of some Morgana Cryptoria samples.

Look at those glittery green lashes!

Products used:

Every Day Minerals, Soft Butter Peach (Orginial Glow)
Catrice Highlighting Powder, Fairy Dust (LE)
Sleek blush, Rose Gold

Snakeskin was made with fishnet fabric and Absinthe with on top of it Junebug.
(At Castlefest I wore Gosh Waterproof eyeshadowbase underneath the snakeskinprint, because it would be raining that day. On these pics I used NO base.)
Nail Art Stones

Gosh Eyeshadowbase
NYX jumbopencil, Milk
Sugarpill loose powders, Absinthe, Junebug, Stella, Goldilux
Morgana Cryptoria, Pharaoh's Curse, She Creature, Underworld.
Black Dollywink eyeliner
Manhattan Black eyeshadow
Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner, 22 (glitter green/gold)
Gosh Extreme At Eyeliner, 18 (glitter gold/copper)

Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Woody Green
Sugarpill Loose Powder, Junebug

Morgana Cryptoria Lipsick, Absinthe