Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Really Small Ici Paris XL Haul

Since I got a discount voucher for my birthday from the Ici Paris XL, I decided to there and buy my new favourite eyecream by clinique. I've used it a while, because I'd gotten a tester before at the Ici Paris.
But, when I walked in the store, there was this display of perfumes that were all with a 50% discount. SInce we both looooooove perfumes, we decided to check them out. And what caught my eye?

 This is a Limited Edition Eau de Toilette version from one ofnmy favourite perfumes:  Delces de Cartier.
I normally have the perfume version which has a red bottlecap, but this was the eau de toilette. Even though they're (as far as I know) supposed to smell the same, I still think they smell a bit different, the same with the Eau de fruitee. I'm normally a perfume kind of girl, because I like thise better. But perfumes are expensive and an eau de toilette version could come in handy.

So I tried the scent, liked it, and then asked myself what the limited edition part was. Well....there actually was a gorgous solid perfume version of the scent inside!
And this was all with a 50% discount! So I decided to buy this, instead of the eyecream. After I told the saleswoman about this, she was really sweet and made me a sample pot of the eyecream. So now I can wait a while before I have to buy it. Beacuse I certainly will :)
I love the bottle, but I already own a similar one...the solid perfume though, isn't it exquisite? It slides open, to reveal a round pan of solid perfume. I was going to use it for my bag, but I'm scared it might flip open and get dirty. So for now, untill I decided to put it in a pocket of my bag, it's having a special place on my makeuptable :)

In the end, with the discount voucher and the 50% discount, it was just a bit above 20 euros, which is a bargain!


  1. Nice score, it looks beautiful! I am not familiar with this scent, but I do love a good perfume that unfolds like a lovely story on your skin :-) Do you enjoy the solid as much as the eau de parfum? Do the scents develop differently? I love the bottle, so pretty! If I ever win de lottery I will probably end up with a special room for all the pretty perfumes in the world LOL

  2. Ik heb deze ook, hij ruikt zo lekker & intens.
    Zelf gebruik ik hem enkel bij speciale gelegenheden, omdat hij zo speciaal ruikt past het wel zo. :)
    Die solid perfume moet ik eens zoeken, was al vergeten dat die er ook bijhoorde! :D
    Je hebt inderdaad wel een superkoopje gedaan met deze parfum.