Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Birthday Giveaway!

I decided to do a little extra giveaway for my birthday, because you only become 30 once!
30? Yes!, the big 3.0. :)
The 'big giveaway' will be on my bday the 28th, but this one will be leading up to it. Be sure to check out my blog then though, because it will be awesome ;)

This time, I decided to make it a more personal giveaway, so it'll be all about products and colours I love.

This first giveaway will include:

A peacockfeather ring and a peacockfeather necklace.
The ring is not adjustable and not that big, but you can do as I did, and cut it at the bottom to turn it into an adjustable one if it doesn't fit. The necklace has a pretty long chain.

And some samples that I made from products in my own stash:
These are some beautifull colours, which you can use to create a peacock look to go with the jewelry.

Sugarpill Darling, MAC Blue Brown. MAC Green Brown, Sugarpill Absinthe, Sugarpill Hysteric, Sugarpill Goldilux.

What do you have to do to win?
Send me a birthdaymessage, but be original! So it can be something you send by email or normal mail. (NOT just a comment!) You can find both on the right in the sidebar. Be creative, and put a smile on my face!

My birthday is on the 28th, which is a week from now. To make sure everything will arrive in time, this giveaway will last untill the end of August.
It is open internationally, because you can use an email aswell to participate.

I'd love fo you to tweet about this giveaway, but it will not give you an extra entry. Just my appreciation :)

I love receiving mail, especially on my birthday, so I'm excited to see what you will send!


  1. Wat een leuke en originele give away :) Prachtige sieraden! Koop je dit op fantasy fairs ofzo? Ik kom dit in winkels nooit tegen!

  2. Im sending you a birthday quote sure to put a smile on you face! Happy Birthday!