Thursday, August 4, 2011

EOTD: Tripe Purple with Sugarpill

I did this EOTD when I had a terrible headache, which was a leftover from the migraine the day before. I like to use colours to cheer me up. The look could use a bit of eyeliner, but my eyes could't stand it unfortunately.

 I used Dollipop on my inner eyecorner. This has a gorgeous glitter, but it wouldn't stay on my lids :( I think  have to find a new/different base for my sparkly Sugarpill powders. To show off their awesomeness beter :)

 On the rest of the eyelid, I applied Hysteric. Look at thoe sparklies!

Above my crease and below my eyes, I applied Weekender.
It's quite a simple look, but it did help me get through the workday :)


  1. Gorgeous colors! I love Sugarpill.

  2. Those are some pretty purples!!!
    I will have to get myself some Sugar Pill too, since I love purple and pther bright colours.