Friday, August 12, 2011

EOTD: Bad girl Blue with Magpie eyeliner

For this look, I used the Sleek Bad Girl palette en Sugarpill's Magpie.

 On the inner eyecorner and towards the middle I aplied some Blade, which is a lovely metallic silver colour.
Next to it, I applied Obnoxious, which looks much brighter on your eyes than in the palette.

 I also applied the Obnoxious above/in the crease and blended it with Innocence and Gullible which I used for highlighters below the brow. Then I applied Abyss into the outer V.

Above my eyes, I applied Gosh extreme art eyeliner no 10, a bright blue. On top of it I dabbed some Magpie by Sugarpill for that extra sparkly effect. Below the eye I used Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Blue Moon, which is a lighter blue and applied soem more Magpie on top of it.

I really liked the effect of Magpie on top of the eyeliner, I'll probably try this out with other loose powders by Sugarpill aswell.
I also made a boo boo with this EOTD, which you can't really tell from the pics. BUt I totally forgot to use a base!


  1. Mooi gedaan.
    Ik vind je wenkbrauwen trouwens echt perfect, zo mooi! :)

  2. dank je :)
    ik krijg vaak de vraag of ik er n blog over wil schrijven, dus die komt nog n keertje.