Thursday, August 11, 2011

Castlefest: Cantus Buranus openingconcert

Last thursday was the openingconcert of Castlefest, by Corvus Corax. It was called Cantus Buranus.
We went there by train, expecting a lot of bad weather.
So I was prepared with my pvc dress, which is waterproof a, a coat and an umbrella.

 Look mom, Sid has got new glasses ;)

It was really wet at the concert, but it didn't really get cold untill later.

The concert was amazing, the orchestra was at the sides of the stage and the choir, dressed in robes stood at the back. The bad was dressed in awesome robes, which were from identical fabric, but all in different styles. They changed outfits during the concert.

We went with the bus a bit early to make sure we got there before everyone else would. Also we had to travel 1 hour and 15 mins at least from the station. So we took the spcial bus from Castlefest at around 10 to get to the station. We were the only ones there.
 My hair got really flat due to the rain, it looks amazing before I stepped out of my door though.
Makeup: Sugarpills Stella mainly and some Morgana Cryptoria. And Chanel Rouge Noir on my lips.

 At the Hillegom station, in the rain, waiting for the train to Haarlem. The bus got there exactly at the time the train left, so we had to wait 30 mins.

When we got to Haarlem station it wasn't even 11 o clock yet, and the next train to Alkmaar was 45 mins later! after a certain time they only rode to Alkmaar once per hour. *sigh*.  Sid went to get a bottle of coke to keep us awake, hahah. In the end we were home at 1 o clock.

Stuff we bought:

Corvus Corax girly, I love skulls, and i love this shirt.

Cd with most of the songs of the concert.

 A leather bracelt by Covus Corax for Sid.

And 2 of these for Sid.


  1. I saw Corvus Corax at Wacken 2008. It was really good and interesting live show :)

  2. Gorgeous as always! Looks like a great time and the haul was nice too. =)