Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Really Small Ici Paris XL Haul

Since I got a discount voucher for my birthday from the Ici Paris XL, I decided to there and buy my new favourite eyecream by clinique. I've used it a while, because I'd gotten a tester before at the Ici Paris.
But, when I walked in the store, there was this display of perfumes that were all with a 50% discount. SInce we both looooooove perfumes, we decided to check them out. And what caught my eye?

 This is a Limited Edition Eau de Toilette version from one ofnmy favourite perfumes:  Delces de Cartier.
I normally have the perfume version which has a red bottlecap, but this was the eau de toilette. Even though they're (as far as I know) supposed to smell the same, I still think they smell a bit different, the same with the Eau de fruitee. I'm normally a perfume kind of girl, because I like thise better. But perfumes are expensive and an eau de toilette version could come in handy.

So I tried the scent, liked it, and then asked myself what the limited edition part was. Well....there actually was a gorgous solid perfume version of the scent inside!
And this was all with a 50% discount! So I decided to buy this, instead of the eyecream. After I told the saleswoman about this, she was really sweet and made me a sample pot of the eyecream. So now I can wait a while before I have to buy it. Beacuse I certainly will :)
I love the bottle, but I already own a similar one...the solid perfume though, isn't it exquisite? It slides open, to reveal a round pan of solid perfume. I was going to use it for my bag, but I'm scared it might flip open and get dirty. So for now, untill I decided to put it in a pocket of my bag, it's having a special place on my makeuptable :)

In the end, with the discount voucher and the 50% discount, it was just a bit above 20 euros, which is a bargain!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Halloween Party at Auryn Beauty

There isn't a better holiday than Halloween to use as much makeup as you want. To get creative, to use colours you'd never dare to wear to work, or just to finally be able to use those weird colours and lashes you adore and have people appreciate them. And ofcoure, we get to dress up! *claps hands and jumps around* I love dressing up :)

This year, we are going to celebrate Halloween early at Auryn, on october 9th.
You can check out the (Dutch) information of the event at Facebook  or check Enchanting Beauty for the details.
If you come in costume, you'll get a 15% discount! Also, the best costume will get a 25 euros giftcard.! There will be special Halloween food, and I'm proud to announce that MY hubs, will do tarot reading for anyone who wants one. People tend to pay him to do those for them, so grab you chance to get one for free! ;)

So we both definately will be there. I just don't know what to wear though, because my costumes aren't easy to wear indoors(wings and tails and such). I've considered going as Morticia, because Ive never done so, but I'm also thinking it might be a bit too simple and been-there-done-that. I'm usually not the one to go for the easy solution...

There's also another DARE, which is on location this time!. Check out the flyer below for details....and a very familiar looking picture ;)

You are all welcome to join the fun between 13:00 and 18:00 at October 9th, and ofcourse: spread the word!

Monday, August 29, 2011

EOTD: Birthday Girl gets a Paperdoll

This is a very simple EOTD, that I did before I went to work.

 I only used Birthday Girl and Paperdoll by Sugarpill. With these I really want a different base, because you can see that they become matte when blended and the shimmer is almost entirely gone. Boo!
I definately need a better base that sticks the glitter to my eyes.

I used Essence Gelliner: Berlin Rocks above my lashes and below my eyes I applied some Gosh eyeliner Purple Stain.

I love how these colours make my own eyecolour pop!.

 With some Evil Shades: Bane on my lips, and some Catrice Wild Rose blush on my cheeks.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday Giveaway with Sugarpill, Sleek, etc!

Today it's my 30th birthday, and that should be celebrated...or so I've been told ;)

I've put together some products that I really like and/or use a lot myself. I'm hoping you all like it :)

Let's take a closer look at all the goodies:

The Sleek Monaco palette, because every girl needs a bit of colour in her life, and Sleek is my favourite pressed eyeshadow!

Sugarpill Loose Powders Goldilux and Weekender, my favourite loose powders and two of my favourite colours among them.
Goldilux is THE best gold out there, I even named our kitty after it, and Weekender is the most gorgeous purple/lilac out there. It has an amazing multisparkle which I cant catch on cam.

 Gosh Soft n Shine lipstick, Angel. These are my favourite lipproducts and I'm seriously pissed and sad that Gosh kicked them out jf the collection. This is a soft lipbalm with a sweet pink tint, that even has an SPF. What more do you need?

 Sorry for the bad picture, I don't know why it did that, multiple times.
Claires nailpolish wihth gorgeus reed sparkles(reminds me a bit of Ruby Slippers) and Essence: Where's the Part? a gorgeous duochrome that shift from purple to green. Just because I'm a sucker for red, green and purple, and I adore glitter and duochrome.

NYX Mosaic Powder: Love, a gorgous powder is all kinds of peach/orange tones. I love NYX and I adore peachtoned blushes, so this fits perfect in the giveaway.

3 dfferent kinds of false lashes. These can really make an eyelook pop! First one is from the Action and has it's own glue added in the box. The two other ones are from boxes from my own stash, bith new as you can see from the extended lashlines. You can use these to help them curve the right shape before you cut them off and put the lashes on.

I've never had a lipschmacker before, but these made me laugh so hard, I just HAD to add one to the giveaway.

A sample from a Skin 79 BBcream. I got this with the BBcream I bought for myself, and since that one is perfect for me, I'd like to give this to someone who hasn't found a right one or has never used one before.

I love this design. Unfortunately, this doesn't work on my nails, but maybe it does on yours?

One of my favourite pendants! I purchased this one at Castlefest, especially for the giveaway! It always reminds me a bit of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, hahah.

And last but not least, you can pick one of the flowers above and I will make a hairflower for you in that colour  :)

What do you have to do?

Make sure you do the following and post it all in ONE comment:
-You MUST be a follower with Google Friend Account.(1 entry)
-Follow me with Bloglovin and 'like' this post (1 extra entry)
-Tweet about this giveaway (1 extra entry)
- Blog about this giveaway (1 extra entry)
-Comment about the blog with something you miss, would like to see changed, etc. Make it something usefull otherwise it won't count! (1 entry)

So you can get a total of 5 entries!

This giveaway is open internationally and will end at september 28th, exactly a month from now.

All products are bought by me, except the 2 sugarpill loose powders who were kindly given by Linda from Enchantra.

Don't forget to enter the other giveaway!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Born Pretty Store Facebook Giveaway

Taken from the Born Pretty Store website:

Facebook Free Giveaway - Cute Hello Kitty Nail Sticker! 

Hi everyone, we will offer free giveaway on facebook at 2:00pm GMT on August 26 , if you want to get this free giveaway, please read the below text: 

1. The simple rule is, you should like us on Facebook @ BornPrettyStore2010 at first, and post “ enter me ” below this post

2. We will offer 1000pcs Hello Kitty Nail Sticker, the coupon will be announced at 2:00pm GMT on August 26, you can use the coupon to order this free giveaway then. 

3. Only the first 1000 people who use the coupon successfully can get this free giveaway, so, if you want to get it successfully and smoothly, you can post “enter me” below the post now, and Register on our website now, avoid too many people visit our website cause the server crashes while you using the coupon on our website.

4. If more than 1000 replies below this post before 2:00pm GMT, we will offer another 1000pcs, that means if we can find 1001 "enter me " there before that time, we will offer 2000pcs giveaway. And if more than 2000 replies, we will offer 3000pcs giveaway.

If we get more than 15,000 likes before 2:00pm GMT, we will offer 2000pcs giveaway too.

Friday, August 26, 2011

NOTD: Hello Kitty Nails

For some reason, I'm always in a hurry when I do my nails. I have to go to work in a few, or I'm just doing them right before I go to bed. Whatever the cause, it makes me o for the more simpler nails. So last week, I decided to finally do some real nail art again.
I took a Konad imageplate, an imageplate by Born Pretty Store with Hello Kitty on it, and some nail art stripers by Essence, and created this:

I used Rimmel's Black Out as a base, which is a nice glossy black, that needs only one thick coat and dries pretty quickly.

 Then I stamped the circle pattern on some nails with silver konad special polish, and on the other nails a Hello Kitty image.
To give it something extra, I used a silver striper to apply some diagonal stripes on the Hello Kitty stamped nails.

I liked the result, even though the circles weren't stamped that well. I got a lot of compliments on this mani :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moving on with Blogging

Hubs had his last day off yesterday, so life goes on as before. I will go on with blogging as before, but I'm thinking about doing it 5 days instead of 6.
I'll be pretty busy at work, since collegues will be having days off, so I won't have as much free time as I usual do. I want to keep blogging fun, instead of something that is obligated, so 5 blogs a week, might be better for me.

What you can expect in the next few blogs: castlefest makeup, haul en costume pics. fashion buys, auryn buys, eotds, notds, birthday giveaway, etc

If you think 5 days instead of 6 is a bad idea, let me know. Or if you have any other ideas ot criticism, let me know aswell :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Birthday Giveaway!

I decided to do a little extra giveaway for my birthday, because you only become 30 once!
30? Yes!, the big 3.0. :)
The 'big giveaway' will be on my bday the 28th, but this one will be leading up to it. Be sure to check out my blog then though, because it will be awesome ;)

This time, I decided to make it a more personal giveaway, so it'll be all about products and colours I love.

This first giveaway will include:

A peacockfeather ring and a peacockfeather necklace.
The ring is not adjustable and not that big, but you can do as I did, and cut it at the bottom to turn it into an adjustable one if it doesn't fit. The necklace has a pretty long chain.

And some samples that I made from products in my own stash:
These are some beautifull colours, which you can use to create a peacock look to go with the jewelry.

Sugarpill Darling, MAC Blue Brown. MAC Green Brown, Sugarpill Absinthe, Sugarpill Hysteric, Sugarpill Goldilux.

What do you have to do to win?
Send me a birthdaymessage, but be original! So it can be something you send by email or normal mail. (NOT just a comment!) You can find both on the right in the sidebar. Be creative, and put a smile on my face!

My birthday is on the 28th, which is a week from now. To make sure everything will arrive in time, this giveaway will last untill the end of August.
It is open internationally, because you can use an email aswell to participate.

I'd love fo you to tweet about this giveaway, but it will not give you an extra entry. Just my appreciation :)

I love receiving mail, especially on my birthday, so I'm excited to see what you will send!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Blogging / Vacation

Since my hubs is having his vacation right now, I tend to spend my free time with him. I don't have vacationtime, but I do have some free days between my workingdays. I really want to spend them with my hubs to do fun stuff and ofcourse relax some.
This means that I have a bit less time to spend online to blog. (And since I don't use internet on my phone bceause I'm oldfashioned, I nalready am not as much online as most bloggers. :P ) I don't intend to quit during his whole vacation, but I'll be blogging a bit less. Don't worry though, it's not like he has weeks to go or anything, a part has already passed. But since hubs only has a vacation once a year, I really want to have some more free time on my hands.
Not only that, my bloodpressure has been behaving badly lately, and it's giving me headaches and not enough sleep. I really need it to get lower, otherwise I'll have to visit my doc again. So some relaxingtime for me, is probably good anyway.

That being said, I'm still putting things together for the giveaway for my 30th birthday on the 28th.

I hope you'll still visit me ;)  when I post blogs (bloglovin is great to see when Ive posted stuff), and I'll probably be back bloggin daily soon enough.

Take care!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

NOTD: Etos Longlasting nailpolish

This is polish number 22. It caught my eye, when I was at Etos. I love greens, and this was one that I didn't really have yet.

 It's a nice and bright green with lots of gold in it. If you look closely at the bottle, you'll see the gold in the polish clearly.

 It applies smoothly, though a bit stripey. Is pretty longlasting aswell.
I can't remember how much it cost, but it can;t be much more than 3 euros orso. It's a great colour to add to a green collection :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

EOTD: Bad girl Blue with Magpie eyeliner

For this look, I used the Sleek Bad Girl palette en Sugarpill's Magpie.

 On the inner eyecorner and towards the middle I aplied some Blade, which is a lovely metallic silver colour.
Next to it, I applied Obnoxious, which looks much brighter on your eyes than in the palette.

 I also applied the Obnoxious above/in the crease and blended it with Innocence and Gullible which I used for highlighters below the brow. Then I applied Abyss into the outer V.

Above my eyes, I applied Gosh extreme art eyeliner no 10, a bright blue. On top of it I dabbed some Magpie by Sugarpill for that extra sparkly effect. Below the eye I used Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Blue Moon, which is a lighter blue and applied soem more Magpie on top of it.

I really liked the effect of Magpie on top of the eyeliner, I'll probably try this out with other loose powders by Sugarpill aswell.
I also made a boo boo with this EOTD, which you can't really tell from the pics. BUt I totally forgot to use a base!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Castlefest: Cantus Buranus openingconcert

Last thursday was the openingconcert of Castlefest, by Corvus Corax. It was called Cantus Buranus.
We went there by train, expecting a lot of bad weather.
So I was prepared with my pvc dress, which is waterproof a, a coat and an umbrella.

 Look mom, Sid has got new glasses ;)

It was really wet at the concert, but it didn't really get cold untill later.

The concert was amazing, the orchestra was at the sides of the stage and the choir, dressed in robes stood at the back. The bad was dressed in awesome robes, which were from identical fabric, but all in different styles. They changed outfits during the concert.

We went with the bus a bit early to make sure we got there before everyone else would. Also we had to travel 1 hour and 15 mins at least from the station. So we took the spcial bus from Castlefest at around 10 to get to the station. We were the only ones there.
 My hair got really flat due to the rain, it looks amazing before I stepped out of my door though.
Makeup: Sugarpills Stella mainly and some Morgana Cryptoria. And Chanel Rouge Noir on my lips.

 At the Hillegom station, in the rain, waiting for the train to Haarlem. The bus got there exactly at the time the train left, so we had to wait 30 mins.

When we got to Haarlem station it wasn't even 11 o clock yet, and the next train to Alkmaar was 45 mins later! after a certain time they only rode to Alkmaar once per hour. *sigh*.  Sid went to get a bottle of coke to keep us awake, hahah. In the end we were home at 1 o clock.

Stuff we bought:

Corvus Corax girly, I love skulls, and i love this shirt.

Cd with most of the songs of the concert.

 A leather bracelt by Covus Corax for Sid.

And 2 of these for Sid.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maaike has been born!

On the night of tuesday to wednesday August 3rd, at 0:15 , our new niece Maaike was (finally) born.

All is well with mother and child :)