Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Elvive shampoo

Since I was born, I had eczema. When I grew up, it stayed mostly on my innerelbow and the back of my knee. Later, I also got a very agressive kind of eczema on my head. Let's just say that a lot of women around my house had the same problem, and that there was a chemical factory nearby that did  NOT want to be looked at. Luckely, after all these years(and even a really big expolsion), they are going to move away.
Anyway, due to a good skindoctor who listened to me, Ive been using Xyzal for years now, and all my eczema has gone...except the one on the head.

My eczema stays below my hair, thank gawd, but it itches like hell. For those who have eczema, you will understand how much it must itch to really annoy you after a whole life of eczema. Not only that, but flakes in your hair is just a big NO NO.
So Ive tried lots and lots of shampoos to take away the itch. Some helped a little, some didn;t help at all, some made it worse.

To make a long story short, I found one that REALLY helps against the itch!
The funniest thing is, we got this shampoo for free at a deal at the supermarket where you got these scratchcards for free with groceries and you got the product that was on it. Otherwise, I probably never would have bought this shampoo.

Okay, so it says anti-dandruff, but I say, you can also use it with eczema. Most dandruff shampoos are really agressive, this is NOT. It also says it has 'Pythionzink' in it, and a lot of salves for eczema contain zinc. This made me think and wanting to try it out........ and I LOVED it.

 This shampoo is nothing like other fluid shampoos I have ever tried. It's almost a creamy substance, which feels really soothing on my skin.

 It reminds me a bit of Lush' Dream Cream, it just feels so soft and creamy. I leave it on my scalp for several minutes, because I love the way it instantly gives relief.

It also doesn't foam as big as other shampoos, but I guess that's a good thing, because foam can dry out your skin a lot. It does clean your hair though, don't worry about that.

Now I know this works for -me- , so I wanted to share this with all you girls out there who have itching scalps. I know how horrible it feels, so try this one out and maybe it helps for you too. Please understand that it's not a medicine, and it won't solve the eczema, but it does give you a soothing feeling and the itching will be much less or even stay way much longer than with other shampoos.

I like the fact that it's especially for coloured hair, since most of these shampoos are so agressive it strips your haircolour. It also ahs a UV filter, so double yeay!
I'm not sure how much this one costs, but it is available in most supermarkets and drugstores.


  1. I have the same problem and nothing has ever worked. I will definitely look for this in stores near me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ik heb er ook last van, het is om echte bijna gek van te worden soms!
    De eczeem heb ik al heel van mijn leven, in mijn nek en armen.
    Gebruik je de shampoo nog steeds?
    Heb je verder iets gedaan wat hielp voor de eczeem?

    Ik ben toevallig op je blog terechtgekomen via een comment die je had gegeven op een andere blog, je hebt echt een leuke stijl!

  3. @anonymous, ja ik gebruik hem nog steeds en ben er enorm tevreden over. Het verdwijnt niet, maar de juek is vele malen minder erg bij mij, minder uitgedroogde hoofdhuid. Verder gebruik ik gewoon zo min mogelijk producten op mn huid, en niet elke dag douchen! dat droogt je huid enorm uit.