Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: Argapur Argan Oil

This post had somehow gotten lost in my drafts. Luckely I found it again, but the pics show more oil in the bottle than there is now. Please keep that in mind.

I have read many good things about Argan Oil, and I was curious how my skin would react to it. I purchased this bottle at the end of May. I have used it almost every night since then.

There are a lot of Argan Oil brands out there, and not all of them are a 100% pure as they claim. I'm not sure if this one is, but I read a good review about it. There are some certificates printed on the packaging, I don't know anything about those, but they at least make it look like it's the real deal, hahaha.

 It claims to help with lots of things, but I mainly used it for my dry/dehydrated skin. I tend to run my oily hands through my hair after I put the oil on my face. Never hurts :)

 The oil comes in a glass bottle, so be carefull not to let it slip through your hands. And with a bottlecap that you can trust not to leak on you. As you can see, the oil is a clear yellow liquid, and the bottle has one again all the information of the front of the packaging on it.

This is how much I used when I made the draft, but I've been using is for a full 2 months now, almost every night. And it's still not half empty, but going towards it.

I wash my hands before I use this and use a tiner on my skin after I removed my makeup. Then I just pour some into my left hand, put the bottle away, and then rub it onto my face with both hands. When I started using it, I was afraid of using too much and waking up with stuffed pores, but nowadays I apply it in larger amounts. My skin seems to soak it all up anyway.

Do I see or feel any difference? YES! After using it only once, I already seemed to feel a difference. It's hard to explain, because it's not like your skin gets tighter or will look really different. And even though I've always had a soft (baby)skin, it almost feels even softer now. It's definately MUCH less dry then before. And when I was lazy a few days ago and didn't use it for 2 days. I immediately felt it. I can't really describe -what- the difference is, but my skin just feels -better- when I use it. It seems the elasticity of my skin is better aswell. Also, even though I don't get a lot of pimples and such, it seems I get even less now. And the imperfections i DO get, tend to leave much faster than before. ALso, the sides of my nose which are always completely dried out no matter what, are way better hydrated, much less dry. I'm really hoping this will help me get through the winter without a dry face. But for now, I don't use any other nightcream anymore.

Any downsides? Well aside from the bottle being made of glass, the scent isn't something I really like. It's described as a specific 'nutty'(?) scent, but I just found it a bit stuffy. After you get through the first few days, th scents doesn't bother as much anymore, you get used to it. Nowadays, I don't really even smell it anymore. It's not like you have to hurl when you sniff it, but it's no perfume either. I've had worse smelling nightcreams though, which I will never use again because of the scent, and that's really not the case with this oil.

I bought this bottle at Supernaturals for only 12,95 euros. It was on sale though, it's not in stock now but I think I remember it normally costs 15,95 euros. It's not that much for 60 ml if you compare it to daycreams. And this can be used for a lot of other things asell. Don't forget though, the shipping costs 4,50 euros because it won't fit through your mailbox.

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