Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NOTD: Colorclub Ulterior Motive

This is an older NOTD, but it's still beautifull.

Be sure to check out the pics at the bottom for a better look at the colour of this polish!

This is how it looks inside with flash, it looks much brighter and boring than it is in real life:

But look at the beauty that comes out with the right lighting...this is in daylight. Be sure to click on the pictures for a better view.
 This a beautifull bright violet, a colour I seriously have a weakness for. It has red(?)/violet shimmer, but also blue, which gives it that amazing blue shift. I love pinks with blue shift.
 The polish isn't as thick as I would like, so you can see the place where my nails are attached to my skin. There's probably a proper name for those, but I just always call them my naillines/edges.

 Still, this one is so gorgeous, that I don't even care it's a bit see through(with certain lighting).

Behold, the beauty that is Ulterior Motive:

I'm seriously getting a new addicition for Colorclub. I loved their Alter Ego, and now this one...I definately need more!
This one is available at Auryn/Enchantra for only 4,95. For that amount you get 15 ml of stunning nailpolish.

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