Monday, July 4, 2011

A new Hat / LOTD

This was supposed to be an EOTD post , but apparantly I forgot to make pictures, hahaha.

So this is just a post about me, going to a yardsale and buying a cute vintage hat, which Sidney will present to you:
Ofcourse, he had to show it to you aswell. He didn't really want to, but I persuaded him ;)

It was pretty hot outside, and I really don't want to burn the top of my head, or my nose, so I was wearing a hat. I don't think I have a hat-head, but other people say I do. *shrug* it was pretty comfy, and it beats getting cancer.
I'm wearing the awesome colour Fireglow by Sleek on my lips btw. Really nice pink with sort of a red undertone. It fit perfectly with my cute goth dress. The dress goed to my knees, is layered with this fabric and some black tulle, and it had lacing in the sides of the waist. I love it!

Ofcourse, I wanted to make a pic of me with the hat aswell, it turned out to be something that reminded me of Gaga:


  1. Sid, you are an amazing hat model!!! Simply priceless!!!!

  2. Love how Sid strikes a pose!! Lol!!

  3. Sidney zou vaker een hoed moeten dragen.. hahaha!
    Ik vind beide hoeden erg leuk staat Jasmine!