Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Latest Fashion Buys

Once in a while I like to share some fashion stuff I bought. Here's the latest buys, well, of the last 2 months orso anyway.

 Hbs picked out this shirt, he liked the colours nd the details. I wasn't sure at first, but then the owner gave us a nice discount, so I bought it anyway. I did an EOTD to match the shirt. :)

 This is a dress I'd normally walk past. But the green and the chiffon(i love chiffon) and the print of the blossom branchs reall caught my eye. It's something I don't already own and I'm thinking about saving it fo a special occasion, maybe my birthday or something like that.

The chiffon is really loose and flowy. I have to get used to the length though, it comes up on/over the knee, and thats a length I normally don't wear, because I always feel it chops off my legs. But It was special enough to go home with me anyway. Don't mind the thing on the righ, it's a cattoy ;)

My favourite bolero of the last few months is the one I was wearing on the Efteling pics. I love the details on it, that give it that military feel, but also the halflength sleeves, that with the recent Dutch weather comes in really handy. I was thinking about making something like it with long sleeves, when  found this one. It looks like it, but it has a bit different details, different fabric and the necklins is different. Iwasn't expensive at all, so I decided I'd buy it instead of making one myself. (I don't have time for it anyway)

 A simple black lace racerback top from my work, I love t wear these over other tops(like red orso), or beneath tops and sweaters with open backs.

Another top from work, I thought this one was just cute, and it's pretty long, which is handy in winter aswell. With a long cardigan ofcourse.

From the Hunkemoller sale, a set my hubs really liked. The bra has crossed lines at the back below the neck.

 My new bikini. Really needed a new one since most of my older bikinitops gave me a double boob per cup, which I really don't like. I couldn't find a simple black one, but I liked the studs on this one. Can you imagine that I needed a XL for the top??? Luckely it closes at the back by two loose pieces of fabric, so I can make it fit me at the back.

Another bikini from Hunkemoller sale. I always like to have an extra pair, just in case. This one has a boxer bottom.

 Shoes I bought at Schoenenreus to match the dress mentioned above. I realized I had no shoes to match it, and when I saw these, I really like the way it laced up with a piece of ribbon.I've never had this kind of shoes before either.

 Black ankleboots from the sale at Dolcis. They were really small in width, which is why they fit me perfectly. I was looking for new ankleboots, so yeay!

I can't wait to see people's faces when I wear these, hahaha. These were just a couple of euros, and hubs liked them, so I thought it would be fun to add to my collection.


  1. Woooooow, leuke dingen!! Vooral dat eerste shirtje :D

  2. Leuke dingen, vooral dat jurkje. Waar komt die vandaan? (Oh en vest betekend in het engels hempje.Een echt vest is een cardigan)

  3. @kim hij komt uit een klein winkeltje dat vd dochter vd eigenaar van MacFibre is in Alkmaar. Zit in de Overstad.

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