Saturday, July 23, 2011

I won a prize!

Well, two actually! One at byKashmira and one on Twitter by Mediamarkt.

Kashmira had a giveaway where you could win a sample of Mac Melon pigment. I loved the colour when she reviewed it before, so ofcourse I got really excited when I won!

 She included a sweet note and some samples, thank you so much!

 Look at how gorgeous it is! I'm still thinking about a nice colourcombo, but I'll definately make some looks with this one!

Mediamarkt was doing a giveaway on twitter with Nikon cameras. Now, I own a good cam, and I've just bought it this year, so I didn't really need one. I RT'd the thing, to show it to my followers mostly, I didn't realise RT-ing was all you had to do. And then, I won! OOPS! hahaha.
Seriously though, I -am- really happy with it, because hubs didn't have his own cam yet. Since he's starting practising tattooing and always has lot of art to photograph, it's a perfect present for him. So I gave the cam to him, and I haven't seen him make so much pics of anything ever. I guess he really missed having one :)

The box came with a nice letter that I won, and below it was the cam:


  1. Ah wat leuk dat je er zo blij mee bent! ben benieuwd wat je er mee kunt! Nogmaals veel plezier er mee! :)

    En wat leuk dat je die camera ook hebt gewonnen, ook veel plezier daar mee! ;)