Saturday, July 30, 2011

3rd wedding anniversary pics

So on the 24th of july it was our 3rd wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything special to celebrate though, but I do have some pics of that day.

black gelliner by Essence
Black Ink eyeliner by Gosh
Pin Up blush by Evil Shades
Vintage OCC liptar

bordeauxred shirt with lace back
black leather waistcoat
black tightfitting skirt (was first a tight leather skirt, but we went away on a bike, so that wasn't a smart idea)
black leggings
black overknee leather boots with heels

 This is my crazy smile...

yes, we are weird, and we love it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

NOTD: Alice in Wonderland's French Manicure

This is a very simple NOTD, with a polish By Etos.
The colour always reminds me of Alice in Wonderlands dress, and I love the sparkle in it.

 I used one of the Born Pretty Store Nail Art brushes to draw a line with the Etos polish, and then applied a thicker coatabove that line.
I also used a topcoat to make sure it wouldn't start chipping, because of the edge on my nail that it creates.

This is Etos Effect Nails 600, and if I remember correctly, it's about 2,99 euros.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: Argapur Argan Oil

This post had somehow gotten lost in my drafts. Luckely I found it again, but the pics show more oil in the bottle than there is now. Please keep that in mind.

I have read many good things about Argan Oil, and I was curious how my skin would react to it. I purchased this bottle at the end of May. I have used it almost every night since then.

There are a lot of Argan Oil brands out there, and not all of them are a 100% pure as they claim. I'm not sure if this one is, but I read a good review about it. There are some certificates printed on the packaging, I don't know anything about those, but they at least make it look like it's the real deal, hahaha.

 It claims to help with lots of things, but I mainly used it for my dry/dehydrated skin. I tend to run my oily hands through my hair after I put the oil on my face. Never hurts :)

 The oil comes in a glass bottle, so be carefull not to let it slip through your hands. And with a bottlecap that you can trust not to leak on you. As you can see, the oil is a clear yellow liquid, and the bottle has one again all the information of the front of the packaging on it.

This is how much I used when I made the draft, but I've been using is for a full 2 months now, almost every night. And it's still not half empty, but going towards it.

I wash my hands before I use this and use a tiner on my skin after I removed my makeup. Then I just pour some into my left hand, put the bottle away, and then rub it onto my face with both hands. When I started using it, I was afraid of using too much and waking up with stuffed pores, but nowadays I apply it in larger amounts. My skin seems to soak it all up anyway.

Do I see or feel any difference? YES! After using it only once, I already seemed to feel a difference. It's hard to explain, because it's not like your skin gets tighter or will look really different. And even though I've always had a soft (baby)skin, it almost feels even softer now. It's definately MUCH less dry then before. And when I was lazy a few days ago and didn't use it for 2 days. I immediately felt it. I can't really describe -what- the difference is, but my skin just feels -better- when I use it. It seems the elasticity of my skin is better aswell. Also, even though I don't get a lot of pimples and such, it seems I get even less now. And the imperfections i DO get, tend to leave much faster than before. ALso, the sides of my nose which are always completely dried out no matter what, are way better hydrated, much less dry. I'm really hoping this will help me get through the winter without a dry face. But for now, I don't use any other nightcream anymore.

Any downsides? Well aside from the bottle being made of glass, the scent isn't something I really like. It's described as a specific 'nutty'(?) scent, but I just found it a bit stuffy. After you get through the first few days, th scents doesn't bother as much anymore, you get used to it. Nowadays, I don't really even smell it anymore. It's not like you have to hurl when you sniff it, but it's no perfume either. I've had worse smelling nightcreams though, which I will never use again because of the scent, and that's really not the case with this oil.

I bought this bottle at Supernaturals for only 12,95 euros. It was on sale though, it's not in stock now but I think I remember it normally costs 15,95 euros. It's not that much for 60 ml if you compare it to daycreams. And this can be used for a lot of other things asell. Don't forget though, the shipping costs 4,50 euros because it won't fit through your mailbox.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NOTD: Colorclub Ulterior Motive

This is an older NOTD, but it's still beautifull.

Be sure to check out the pics at the bottom for a better look at the colour of this polish!

This is how it looks inside with flash, it looks much brighter and boring than it is in real life:

But look at the beauty that comes out with the right lighting...this is in daylight. Be sure to click on the pictures for a better view.
 This a beautifull bright violet, a colour I seriously have a weakness for. It has red(?)/violet shimmer, but also blue, which gives it that amazing blue shift. I love pinks with blue shift.
 The polish isn't as thick as I would like, so you can see the place where my nails are attached to my skin. There's probably a proper name for those, but I just always call them my naillines/edges.

 Still, this one is so gorgeous, that I don't even care it's a bit see through(with certain lighting).

Behold, the beauty that is Ulterior Motive:

I'm seriously getting a new addicition for Colorclub. I loved their Alter Ego, and now this one...I definately need more!
This one is available at Auryn/Enchantra for only 4,95. For that amount you get 15 ml of stunning nailpolish.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Extreme Look: Fairy Dare with Sugarpill

This was a look that I did for another Dare by Enchantra through their blog,
This time the Dare was about making a fairy look with Sugarpill Loose powders.
Since I already owned a lot, I only asked for a sample of Tipsy and Tiara(later on I bought the Tiara at the Auryn showroom).

The products I used for the eyemakeup:

I already did a Fairylook once for Castlefest in black and red, so I decided to go for green, silver and gold this time.

 I started with Skin79 Diamond PrestigeBcream for an even toned skin. Then I used Catrice Illiminating powder Masquerade Ball(LE) and Essence Shimmer powder Famous Flamingo (LE) to get some shine on my face On my cheeks I used Sleek Rose Gold. 

My face was really like softlooking and shimmery, but pictures were really hard to make. The sun was out and we got orbs everywhere on the pics! So on most pics, we didn't have the right lighting, but at least we got some pics without orbs.

On my eyes I used Hema eyeshadowbase and Gosh eyeshadowbase(stick). I used the Gosh base also on my eyebrows. and then I used Sugarpills Tiara to shape them. Then I applied some silver Gosh eyeliner for some extra glitter. On the bottom of the eyebrows I added some Tipsy and Junebug(both by Sugarpill), for some extra colour.

 On my eyes, I applied Tiara on the inner eyecorner, and next to it Sugarpills Absinthe. I also applied some more Absinthe towards the crease. On my moving eyelid, I applied Tipsy, and next to it Junebug. I then used some more Junebug towards the crease. Above the crease, I applied Sugarpills Goldilux. Over the colours on the moving eyelid, I then applied someGosh glitter eyeshadow.

With the Essence gelliner Midnight to Paris, I drew a line above my lashes, and made a wing at the end. I also made this little curls on my inner eye corner, which somehow reminded me of a butterfly. Over this gelliner, I applied glitter eyeliner by Gosh. Below the eyes I again applied Tiara and Goldilux.  I then added a line with the gelliner.

Then I took the gelliner again, ans drew a wing next to my righ teye, and some curly lines next to my left eye. With the Coastelscents eyeshadowpencils Emerald, Celestial Moon and Vanilla Chocolate, I filled in the little pieces of the wing. These are a bit sticky, so I could use them as a base. Then I used Tiara, Absinthe, Junebug and Goldilux to fill  the wing in.

Then I once again took the glitterliner by Gosh, and drew over some of thelines of the wing. I did the same thing with the lines next to my left eye.

To make the eyes sparkle some more, I added these amazing lashes by Ardell, Pixie Dust. These have awesome holographic glitter in the sun, which is really hard to catch on cam, and look silver the rest of the time, with black roots.
  Above, you can see a tiny bith of the awesome holo effect of the lashes.

 On my lips, I applied my first Morgana Cryptoria lipstick that I ordered for my Medusa costume and arrived the day that I did this look. It´s called Absinthe.

Ofcourse Loki wanted to be in the pic aswell :)


Lots of girls made awesome looks, which were all posted on Enchanting Beauty. After they were all posted, everyone could vote on a top 3. And....I won! Lots of people voted for me, which I think is really sweet, and ended as number 1. I never imagined that to happen! I want to thank everyone who voted, and ofcourse Enchantra for supplying the samples and this awesome Dare. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

EOTD: Another Oh So Special look

This is another EOTD with the Oh So Special palette by Sleek. I wore this to Merlijn's Musical.

 I used Hema eyeshadowbase, as I usually do with Sleek. I applied Gift Basket on my moving eyelid.

Then I applied Celebrate in the Outer V and some more into/above the crease.

Look at that beautifull shimmer!

 For some extra contrast, I applied some Noir in the outer V.
 Below my brows I used Bow.

Below the eyes I applied Glitz.

This is what I wore to the musical, sorry it's not focused enough, but you get the picture.
I'm wearing Sleek's Matte Vamp lipstick on my lips.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today, it's our 3 year wedding anniversary, according to Dutch tradition, a 'leather'wedding. Now, before you all get freaky fetish images in your head, Dutch tradition(and some others aswell) have special nicknames for wedding anniversaries. A 2yr is called paper if I remember correctly, 12,5 is called copper, 25 silver, and so on. Both of our parents already had their Coral wedding, which is 35 years!

Anyway, I'm not sure if we will be celebrating today, since we are saving up a bit for Castlefest and our birthdays. But I'm thinking about wearing some leather, hahaha ;)

It's 3 years ago, when Sid came to my door in this awesome outfit:

When we went to the city house:

When my dad gave me away:

When we said I do:

And were finally Husband and Wife:

I still look at Sidney this way everyday and still feel the butterflies:

And I know he still checks me out ;) :

My beloved, It's been 3 years already, but it only feels like yesterday when we sealed our marriage with a kiss. When we wrote our names on the contract, and we celebrated with our closest friends and family. It feels like only yesterday when we met and instantly became friends, when we shared our first kiss, and when I moved to Alkmaar to be with you. I know we have shared darker days, in the beginning when we met, but for example also when we finally found out you had diabetes. But no matter what, we were and are there for eachother. I couldn't have asked for a better friend, let alone a better husband. I am not without my flaws, but with you, I am able to be myself. You are the light that makes me wake up in the morning, and the comfort that makes me fall asleep at night. I don't think words could ever express how I feel about you, but I also know, that I don't need those words. Even without marriage, you would have me body, heart and soul. But at least now, it's legal ;)  My world is a better place with you in it, and I look forward to many more years to share with you.
My dearest Sidney, these are just 3 simple words I say to you every day, but they say it best: I love you.

If you want to read more love dovey stuff, read the blog hubby posted ;)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I won a prize!

Well, two actually! One at byKashmira and one on Twitter by Mediamarkt.

Kashmira had a giveaway where you could win a sample of Mac Melon pigment. I loved the colour when she reviewed it before, so ofcourse I got really excited when I won!

 She included a sweet note and some samples, thank you so much!

 Look at how gorgeous it is! I'm still thinking about a nice colourcombo, but I'll definately make some looks with this one!

Mediamarkt was doing a giveaway on twitter with Nikon cameras. Now, I own a good cam, and I've just bought it this year, so I didn't really need one. I RT'd the thing, to show it to my followers mostly, I didn't realise RT-ing was all you had to do. And then, I won! OOPS! hahaha.
Seriously though, I -am- really happy with it, because hubs didn't have his own cam yet. Since he's starting practising tattooing and always has lot of art to photograph, it's a perfect present for him. So I gave the cam to him, and I haven't seen him make so much pics of anything ever. I guess he really missed having one :)

The box came with a nice letter that I won, and below it was the cam:

Friday, July 22, 2011

NOTD: red crackle no 42, Lady Victory

This is a red crackle I bought at Auryn, which is still available at the Enchantra webshop.

I used a topcoat, because in reality, the polish looks like this when dried:

 This is when I tried it out on ome fingers, if you like the matte look, you don't need a topcoat, but it was a bit to light more orange toned to my taste without it.

 I first applied Collistar's, Nero Lurex, a great polish with lots and lots of holographic shimmer.

Then I applied the red crackle, and when it was dried, a clear topcoat by INM.

This polish costs 6,95 euros for which you get 17 ml.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

EOTD: Colourfull Tshirt Look with Sugarpill

Like I said in the post of yesterday, I made an EOTD to match the new tshirt.

I only used Sugarpill loose powders for this one. The colours might appear a bit less bright, because I tried out a different base.

 On my inner eye corner I applied Lumi, which with it's blue shine, fits perfectly with the Royal Sugar. Next to it I applied Decora, whih has this green shimmer in it, which makes it a good match with Darling.

 In the outer V and the crease, I applied Royal Sugar. I hadn't used this one before, and for me it was the hardest to blend and use properly of all the loose powders I own. When Blending it tends to get a bit smudgy and matte, while it has grgeous shimmers. I might have to see if it was the base that did that.

 Below the eye, I applied some Darling, for that extra touch of colour.
And to make sure it still had a bit dark in it(otherwise I look weird), I used a bit of black gelliner above the lashes.

I can't remember what lipstick I used here, probably Gosh or Catrice.