Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review & Swatches: Skin 79 Diamond Prestige BBCream

I bought this BBcream at the new Dutch BBcream shop. The shipping was really fast, I got the package a lot sooner than I expected. There's one downside to the shop for me though, there weren't any coloursamples on the site. Just 'light beige' or 'natural beige' and such. As if I know which one I am, so I looked up reviews of some BBcreams that spoke to me. I do like that you can search on skintype which one is suitable for you. I bought this one, because it was not too expensive, and suitable fo dry and sensitive skin.

 It came wrapped in bubbleplastic and with a miniature BBcream from a different collection. These were both wrapped in red paper.

 They both came in boxes with all the info on it. I love how this one has a 25 SPF, when my daycreams has just 15.

 I love the bottle of the prestige bbcream, and the extra bbcream has a little loop to hang on your bag, foon, whatever. The Skin79 bbcream has a nice dispenser, so it's really easy to use and sanitary.

 The BBcream looks pretty beige, but it blends well into your skin, and doesn't look as beige on your face as it does right out of the bottle. It feels really cool and fresh on your face, nothing at all like a foundation or something similar. It also smells really nice!

W000haaa white! My face sometimes does that. I reflect white or red or blotchy, even though my skin is a bit yellow, not ivory. But look at that even colour!

This is with just a bit of Sleek Rose Gold on my cheeks. Still a pretty even colour. Don't expect a miracle though, the sides of my nose which are really red, still tend to be a bit red through the BBcream. But it does soften the redness and I like the effect.

This BBcream cost me 17,75 euros. For that amount you get a pretty bottle with 40 ml of 'beige' bbcream.


  1. Ik heb de Prestige BBCream en die is erg fijn voor mijn gemengde/droge huid. Ben er heel erg tevreden over! :)

  2. Mooi effect! Hij lijkt me superfijn ^_^

  3. I love this bb cream! Thanks for the review!