Thursday, June 16, 2011

NOTD: Prismatic White on Poison Ivy

I don't know why I don't own more Sleek polishes, because the 2 that I have dry really really quickly and the colours are very pretty.

This is the Sleek polish by itself:

I decided that I wanted to use Prismatic White by Essence(LE) over a colour and tried some out on a piece of paper:

You can see the pink/lilac shine and the greenish/blue shine that this polish gives layered onto another.

Over Sleek Poion Ivy, wsith flash:
I should really stop cuddling the cats after putting on nailpolish....

This is what the polish looks like indoors....

And some duochrome shots:

I like the effect Prismatic White has on this dark green polish, and I'll probably apply it on a different colour soon. :)n


  1. Nice!
    I really like Prismatic White aswell, though I've only tried it on it's own.
    The blue holographic polish is lovely too.
    I don't know about the purple one yet, since it was sold out.

  2. Mooi gedaan, love the colorsss!