Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New! Holographic eyeshadow by Essence (normal collection!)

I know many of you have been drewling over the Meet me @ collection by Essence, which is a limited edition. Bu my collegue told me that Essence also had 2 holographic eyeshadows in the normal collection. Ofcourse I had to check those out. Since I was at work, and she had a day off, she bought them for me, and brought them to my work. Awww so sweet :)

There are two of these eyeshadows in the collection, as far as I could tell. But maybe there are even more in a bigger Kruidvat, I don't know.
They aren't holographic, as they are labeled, but they ARE beautifull duochromes!

Mystic lemon is a oft yellow, that gets a beautifull coppery sheen to it in sunlight.
Mystic purple is a soft grey, that turns into a lilac with a pink sheen, it's gorgeous!

I really think these would look great on the inner eyecorner, or maybe a subtle highlighter.

They were really hard to catch right on cam, because there isn't any sun today, so I applied them over a white and black base to show the colours better.

The white base gives the yellow one  a lighter copper shine in the sunlight, but it's mostly just yellow without the sun. The same with the grey one, it's mostly greyish  with a slight pearly pink glow, but in the sun the pink really comes out.

The black base really shows the duochrome best. The yellow turns into copper and the grey turns into purple.

The copper almost seems to have a green tinge in it with the right lighting and the purple definately has the pink shimmer.

Some more swatches:

I wish I had sunlight to show you how beautifull these colours are, but I did my best without it.It seems though that the pink is too shy to show up on cam.
I don't know the exact amount of how much these cost, but it's probably around 2 euros a piece.

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  1. Het zijn inderdaad de enige 2 in de vaste collectie en ik gebruik ze op het bovenste deel van mijn ogen, tot onder de wenkbrauwboog... ;)

    Leuke review! :)