Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Giveaway Time! *CLOSED*

Today, it's Linda's birthday. Congratulations!!! Linda is the beautifull owner of the awesome webshop Enchantra.

To celebrate this special occassion, she is having a big birthday bbq at June 19th, at the Auryn showroom which will be open to all visitors. There will also be a 15% discount!. It'll be fathersday that day, so make sure to bring your dad, if you can!

She has also asked me to give away a 30 euro voucher to spend in the Enchantra store!
I wanted to think of something special for you to do, to win this voucher and I have come up with something that is all about Linda and her birthday.

A while ago, Linda posted 2 wishlist on her blog Enchantingbeauty, you can find those HERE and HERE.
For hose of you non-dutchies (just look at the pics!): Linda loves anything that has to do with owls, she also loves shoes, sushi and accessories that look like it, and she likes the little puzzles called brainteasers.

Now I thought it would be fun if you created something that was inspired by Linda's wishlist. Anything goes, you can do an eyelook or nails or both , just be creative and have fun!

-You -must- be a follower with google friend account.
-Optional: like this blog on Bloglovin
-Optional: tweet about this giveaway
-Send the LINK to the pictures to my email, that can be found in the sidebar on the right.

-This is an international giveaway BUT the voucher is EXCLUDING shippingcosts! So you can shop for 30 euro, but the shippingcosts have to be payed by yourself. Please keep this in mind, when you participate.
-Everyone has a chance to win, as long as you're creative and the inspiration is clear. I'm not picking the winner just by looks. So don't be afraid that you're not good enough to participate, just make something fun for Linda's birthday as a gift to her :)
-This giveaway will close on june 30th.

btw it's NOT a problem if you don't want your pics on the blog. I respect everyones need for privacy. Just put that comment into the mail with the pics and I'll know not to post it if you win :)


  1. I like this idea! I will brainstorm a bit about this one :-)

  2. Hey!I have a question. I am new beuty blogger and Is enchanta showroom is open for beuty he/she is new. I really wanna go. I will go by car what's your plan?

  3. the showroom is open to -all- visitors as far as I know. So not just for beautybloggers but also for makeupaddicts :) MOst of the time beautybloggers get special invitations to special openings.
    We are going by train since we dont own a car :)

  4. I was aking because if we can go together. Although I didn't plan any thing right now. Is that 15% discount is on online shopping also? I will defenatily participate in your giveaway.

  5. the 15%disocunt in only in the showroom on that particular day. :)

  6. Great giveaway! I'm in :D
    I'm following you with google and bloglovin :D

  7. ik volg je nu met google en bloglovin en ik heb geliked! snap dat alleen niet met die plaatjes, maar ik hoop dat ik nu meedoe ;)

  8. @beauyill don't forget to make a look!

    @suz: maak een look, of nagels geinpireerd op linda dr wishlist, thats all :)

  9. leuk! ik ga proberen wat te verzinnen :) ik volg je via GFC en bloglovin.. is het ook goed als ik gewoon de foto in zijn geheel naar je email als het klaar is?

  10. @femketje. ja hoor dat is prima :)

  11. Ik volg je met GFC en op Bloglovin, ik ga de foto naar je mailen:)

  12. ik post er zometeen nog even een artikel over! heb mijn entry in de vorm van een kort filmpje gedaan, is weer eens iets anders ^^

  13. het artikeltje waar ook meteen mijn entry in staat.. ik zal je nog wel even extra emailen ^^

  14. I am following you through GFC by name of Nidhi gakkhar..and just sent you my entry on your id