Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Freya Greebo Goldilux (part 1)

Most of you will remember the post about what happened with our sweet little Greebo, but you can read about it HERE and HERE. Two days after her death, a very special kitten was born, a golden kitty.

Her name came from different things.
Freya, because it fits perfectly with out other cats Odin and Loki.
Greebo, for our beloved cat, who died 2 days before Freya's birth.
Goldilux, for her fabulous colour, named after the beautifull golden pigment by Sugarpill.

Her firstborn brother Whiskey:

Her second born brother Jimmy:
And Freya herself:
Look at those long toes, and her rosy nose, and her incredible colour!
Right there and then it was decided that no matter who would get her, her second name would be Greebo. It was a hard time watching these beautifull kittens, knowing that just 2 days before, our beloved Greebo had passed away.
I saw the look in Sid's eyes and knew he wanted to have her. But I was not ready for it. I felt we couldn't take a kitten away from someone else, because these were already spoken for. And then a miracle happened, The next day, a 4th kitten was born:

 This little kitten was the last one to be born, and he looked a lot like his half brother Loki. Growing up, we saw he even had the same charactre, which is a lot of fun. The new owners decided that Loki was a great name, so now there's another Loki in the familietree :)

Just 3 days after she was born, Freya her nose was turning black....just like Greebos.

 She also started to become really fluffy.

 Who can say no to this?

 Then she started getting darker ears, lips and spots on her body.

 This is where we thought she was actually a Chau Chau puppy:

Ans she got more dark spots on her body, which gave her a really odd colour. Now she was like beachsand whith darker roots.

 Jimmy and Loki on my lap, they remind me so much like Loki and Odin as kittens. These are going to live together aswell.


  1. Aww! Photos are TOO cute! She really is a little fluffball isnt she?!

    Of course your Greebo will never be forgotten but Freya makes a beautiful edition to your family. And of course through her you will always have evoking memories of Greebo.

    *Huge hugs and happiness*

  2. omg what a cutie :D i'd take the whole nest home with me XD

  3. She is gorgeous - they all are really!
    I hope you and your family are doing well, losing Greebo was devastating and even I felt the devastation through your entry. I'm a cat lover and owner myself (with two boys very far away sadly) and I can understand how hard it is to take on a new addition after losing one but Freya just seems so perfect.

    Wishing you all the happiness in the world and hope you are okay! xoxxx

  4. :'( The story about Greebo was really hard for me to read.. I could feel your pain coming through my screen and tears were running down my cheeks. I have 3 cats myself and I can't start to imagine how devastating it would feel to lose one of them. When a cat has had a long life and you have had time to get used to the idea and let go it's a little easier (I found anyway) but having a beloved pet taken away from you at such a young age... :'( I feel your pain!!

    Freya does seem like a really cute furball though :) She will never replace Greebo, but may she bring laughter and you to soothe the pain a little. Try to remember that Greebo is staring down from a very nice meadow. Filled with mice, catnip and all the love a cat could ever wish for :)

  5. ohhh kittens zijn het leukste wat er is, bleven ze maar iets langer zo klein en fluffy, ik vond dat zo schattig!

  6. Thanx everyone for all the kind words. I still miss Greebo every day, and she left a big hole in my heart. There are still days where I feel I'm not ready to take in Freya, but then I look at her and my heart aches a little less. She has several things that reminds us of Greebo, like the black nose, the black line on her lips, they way she looks at us, her extraordinary colour. I keep seeing Greebo as a kitten when I look at her, and it fills me with sadness and joy. I fear to loose another cat, and everytime one sneeze, my heart races in panick. It will take a while for me to be able to relax, especially with thi kitten that is very adventurous. But she is worth it, and I can only hope Odin and Loki will love her as much as we do.

  7. Oh, that is just sooo cute!!!
    I felt really sorry for your loss when I read your articel about Greebo, I couldn't bear to lose my cat either.
    I'm glad to read about this sweetie though, she will bring a lot of joy to your life I bet :D.
    Keep making lots of pics for us ;).