Friday, June 10, 2011

EOTD & LOTD: Green Drakon

This is a look from two days ago, with only Evil Shades eyeshadows.

I used Gosh waterprood eyeshadowstick Love that Beige as a base, because it's sticky.
Then I started by applying Drakon on my moving eyelid. Oh Drakon, how can I explain thy awesomeoness?

This is Evil shades' explanition: Medium blue green with gold, green and pink shimmer and a wine base that flashes through. (This has 2 pictures to show the color complexity. The 1st picture shows the top or main color, the 2nd shows the base that peers through or can be rubbed down to) 
I think this colour can match with almost -anything. I think it would look gorgeous with gold, but also with purple or blue..or...hahaha.

 Then I applied some Whooo Are U on my inner eye corner for some lightness, and applied some more towards the crease. Next to it, above the crease, I applied some Steel Green. (which for some reason is almost gone on the pics, might be the flash overruling it *frowns*)

Finally, I used some Acolyte, in my outer V for a bit of darkness. It's a gorgeous darker green. Below my eye I applied some Gosh Truly Brown eyeliner.

I wore a black top with a little bow below my breast, looking like it's a wrap around top. Then A black flowy short skirt, and a green legging. I wore black laced boots with heels, and one of my favourite scarves, a green one with black skulls.

 I have some EDM concealer on the sides of my nose, and a bit EDM Soft Buttter Peach on my face. JUst a bot of Sleek Rose Gold on my cheeks and Gosh Mocha lipstick on my lips.

I really like the scarf with the braid, it feels so summery! And I got a lot of compliments on it aswell :)