Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enchantra / Auryn Haul

Because  I knew for quite some time that we were going to the Auryn showroom again, I decided to save some money for it. I mean, a 7 hour trip total in one day really should be enough reason for a good shopping, right? ;)

So here's my Auryn / Enchantra haul:

I'm a big fan of the Sleek palettes, and I own a LOT. I at first decided I didn't need any more, but then my eyes kept drawn to kiwi zest, lotus flower and hummingbird. Colours which would fit perfect with colours I already own, and they look so summery! So I caved and bought the Monaco palette:

I didn't own any Sleek lipsticks yet, so when I saw these, I really wanted to try them out. I'm a sucker for reds, so I decided to get the ones I liked most, in 2 different textures:
True Colour Lipstick, Matte, Vamp. Which is a gorgeous dark red. I don't think I even own a matte lipstick yet, Sid really loved this colour.
True Colour Lipstick, Sheen, Cherry. Another gorgeous red, this one is nice and shiney.
And I think this one was a cream, I can;'t find it on the packaging, but it's called Fireglow. It almost looks like a really dark violet with shimmer in it, but it also looks really shiney bordeauxred. I'm curious to see how this one looks on the lips. It's really beautifull in the tube.

I love that you can see all the nailpolish in real life in he showroom, which always makes me pick polishes I'd never bought otherwise. These are 2 such polishes by Color Club:

Alter Ego. A shiney grey with silver gold and green shimmer in it. But when the light hits it it turns into a lilacpurple with a golden sheen. Pretty!
Ulterior Motive. A bight Violet, that when the light hits it turns into a polish that consits of blue and violet shimmer only. Just gorgeous!

Since I'm addicted to holographic polishes, I had to bring home 2 of the Golden Rose polishes:

Nr. 119, a dark grey
Nr. 120, a bright coralpink, which comes really close to China Glaze's TMI, in the bottle.

I just wanted to see how these were on my nails. If I like them, I'm going to get MORE. Starting with 109 :)

One of the new crackles I wanted to try out, and a new Holographic China Glaze polish:
Lady Products, nr. 42. The red is a really bright red, not as orange as it looks in the bottle.
China Glaze, Hyper Haute. A gorgeous darker pink/violet colour. Can't wait to see this one in the sun!

Even though I like the gosh eyeshadowbase stick, I'm still searching for that special base for loose powders. Linda adviced me to try this one, which is a lot more sticky:
Shadow Worx, eyeshadow primer by Coastal Scents.  Don't you just love that tube?

Ofcourse I could NOT visit the showroom without buying Sugarpill. I was going to buy Tiara only. But then I had still money left, and Sid told me to buy these other two:
Tiara, a beautifull silver. Since I'm totally in love with the best gold ever, goldilux, and even named my kitten after it, I decided I needed the silver aswell.
Decora, which is a beautifull darker pink, with green shimmer! Such a great colour combo! I found that out after I unpackaged them and found out the lid was a tiny bit unscrewed. So then I got covered in this loose powder. Pretty!!. I didn't loose much though, so I don't mind. :)
Royal Sugar, a pretty bright blue filled with blue shimmer.

Oh boy, now I own 14 loose powders by Sugarpill!! *does a little dance*

I also bought some new Konad Image plates:

M83, because Enchanting Beauty blogged about this one and I fell in love with the cat and the little hearts on stems :)

S10, because these are adorable, cuteness overload, right?

And Sid picked this one, m48. Because he likes the cards on them, and wanted them for tarot readings.

I'm really happy with everything I picked ouot, can't wait to try it all. But ofcourse I already saw lots of other things I can put on a wishlist, hahha.


  1. cute!! Have you tried bornprettystore? They have awesome plates: checkout

    I love your blog and I definitely have a passion for nails and nail art!!!

  2. You got some really neat stuff. I'm jealousss

  3. Goed geslaagd meis, wat een mooie spullies :o)

  4. Nice Haul..I own only 3 sugarpill loose eyeshadow and a palette. I love theme.planning to buy some more.

  5. Wauw, jij bent goed geslaagd zie ik. Ik ben benieuwd naar een look met de Sugarpill pigmenten, daar ben je goed in :)

  6. Thanx all, im very happy with all of them. Especially the Matte lipstick that Ive already tried, now i want more! :)

    @arantxa, hehehe komt wel goed, ik heb al allerlei ideen voor die kleuren.

  7. wist niet dat je zoveel gekocht had! ben jaloers op je sugarpill pigmenten <3

  8. @suz, had mn aankopen even opgespaard, toch lekkerder shoppen met 15% korting ;)