Monday, May 23, 2011

My first Sheet mask

As I've showed you in a previous blog, Suzy  send me some sheet masks.

This is a strawberry sheet mask, which smelled guessed it..strawberries.

 If you don't unfold it correctly, like I wanted to, when I grabbed just 2 different ends, it looks like some weird origami. So study it first before you frustrate yourself!

 It's really really wet, and I had to cut out the eyes a little more, ptherwise it would go into my eyes. Probably because my nose is too big and take up too much room of the

This is what you take off:

And this horrible creature is something you'll resemble when you use this. I'm melting meeeeelllltiiiing!

Loki definately loved this mask, because he tried to take it from me several times..

It was a werid feeling to have something like this on my face. I let it stay for about 25 mins, and then took it off. My face was still pretty wet from the mask, so I cleaned it a bit with a cotton pad.
I'm not totally sure if this has done something for my skin, because I did still have some dry patches. But then again, I tend to have those no matter what I put on. It's one of the reasons I dislike foundation, because only then, they really show up effectively.
My skin does feel really soft, and it didn't irritate in any way, so that's always a plus in my book. It means it can be used on sensitive skin.
I can't tell you anything about the price or where to purchase it though, you'll have to ask Suzy ;)


  1. Klinkt goed! Ik heb ook zulk soort maskertjes van de Action, alleen ben ik daar niet heel laaiend over. :P

  2. @joan Die van de Action zijn niet veel soeps inderdaad haha. Er zijn absoluut betere te vinden ;)

    En deze heb ik via :D $6.90 voor 7 stuks :)