Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion and Queensday Haul

This is a post about some Vive Maria clothing I bought resently with a 50% discount (woohoo), and some stuff I bought on Queensday(from stores)

 Cute green dress, which isnt as dull a gren as it looks on here. I love greens :)

 ANother cute dress, which sorta has pinstripes, which I totally ador aswell.
And the front has 2 pockets:
 A haltertop from the same range as the dress above:
 And another haltertop:

 Then some things I bought on Queensday...

From the regular market that's always there on sunday, a purple(not as blue as on the pic) longshirt with a cool print and laces on the back:
 ANd the next three come from a store that had a big sale. Not only that but besides being cheap, there was also a 3 for 2,5 deal and on top of that we got a discount cause of Queenday. This way, the jacket was for free!
 Grey longshirt/dress with some studs on the shoulders.

 A bolero in a fabric that looks like worn leather:

And a freaky jacket that was so awesome when I put it on, I just had to take it with me. Not sure yet when I'll wear it though, might be Castlefest ;)
I also bought a bag thats similar to one I already owned, but mine was starting to have to much wear and tear. Sid and I also bought some dvds from new movies, for almost nothing, and Merlijn bought himself a comic book. (and some icecream and candy and such)